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    Hello Ninjas,

    I was wondering if anyone works or know anyone who works for New York City/New York State in an auditor/accounting capacity.

    Based on my research it looks like it’s impossible to get in any higher than SG-18 level which has a beginning salary rate of $56k and a job rate of $72k. I believe that it takes about 7 years to reach the job rate if you stay within an SG level. I could be wrong, but please let me know.

    My real question is how long would it take a real ambitious and capable CPA/CFE to rise up and get to the SG-30s level (above $100k).

    From what I have been able to find online, it seems that there are certain exams to pass for promotions, which is fine by me. I am most concerned with red tape and minimum time requirements for promotions.

    At the present time, I am making around 100k. However, I have significant expenses as I have started a family. The better work/life balance and pension that the government offers seem great. I have an opportunity to get in at the SG-18 level, however, I cannot justify such a dramatic decrease in salary if it’s going to take a significant amount of time to get back to it. Or is there any way to get in at a higher SG level?

    I know that I probably won’t make the switch but I think it’s worthwhile to at least look into it as the decision to do it/not do it will greatly impact my family’s future.

    I sincerely appreciate any advice.

    Thank you!

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    I don't know, taking a 40% pay cut just doesn't sound good at all to me. My guess is it will take at least that 7 years to be eligible for the SG-30 position. If you advance at that rate, you could be losing over $300K over those years (assuming your current employer gives at least a $2.5k raise a year).

    Even if you work your way up to the 100k level, it will only get more stressful. You may end up having a worse balance than your current position. NY pension is a plus, but would you need to move to an area with higher cost of living?

    Other than that, if this area in gov't sounds really appealing and you can work hard at it, you have savings, and you can live below your means a bit more, it's an option.

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    @water agreed. I spoke to the HR rep and she basically said that it takes an average person about 20-25 years to reach the SG-30 level (which is around where my salary is at now). She did say that a very ambitious and hardworking person can possibly get there in 13-15 years. That is still a very long time. I decided to decline. Thank you for your candor.

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    Oh, I think I got the answer for you. You are not looking at the right location…(or job).

    First of all… If you are looking for a 100k job, or anything about $80k (let say better work life balance benefits etc), you should only look for the SENIOR or ADMINISTRATIVE civil service title positions. The thing is.. after the $72K, there's another title call the senior (or administrative) bleh bleh bleh, which you will have to take as a promotional exam. And this exam is only open for existing civil service employees already in the system. This is like a rank up. I never saw this exam open for public in NYS.

    The only thing that will match is Administrative accountant or analyst, which has 9 sub level and salary range from $60k to $150k (at least).

    Auditor levels I am not sure.

    If you are aiming to get something $90-100k, you should excuse yourself and look for exempt position — that is, be a manager or executive, you are off the ranking list. Or professional levels, which will require a license (CPA CFA etc)

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    @JFKGY I decided to forgo government for now, but I really appreciate your detailed response!

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