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    For the past 3-6 weeks, I have been DILIGENTLY looking for a job (just like a couple of million of Americans). I applied to AT LEAST 25 jobs and have gotten to rejections and just had 2 interviews. There is one in particular that I REALLY REALLY want because I get to do payroll *HUGE “Grinch” Smile* lol

    I was the 2nd of 8 candidates that would be considered. Besides me choking during 2 interview questions (Im human, despite practicing EVERYTHING I wanted to say I flipping choked like a moron), I felt the HR manager was very nice and understanding though. But thats the thing, I m not sure if she was just being “nice” or she realizes that Im not an alien.

    I had an interview that went on for an hour and my last one (the job I REALLY WANT) went on for an hour plus!!! Now I am not sure if this is standard practice(well at least not from MY own experience). To me if they like you, they “seem” interested and talk alot and those who are not interested seem to rush you out of the office.

    So I am super confused!

    I feel like HR managers are like justices, or better yet the gods for Greek/Roman mythology just screwing with us mere mortals. Its like they KNOW how badly people want jobs and they can just mindfuck them (sorry for my frankness).

    For example, I HONESTLY felt the interview went well…she was even using “informal” dialogue with me, I kept it professional though because I was not sure if she was trying to catch me off guard. I mean I honestly felt like I had the job in the bag but then she did the infamous,what ALL hiring managers do. She said, “Well, I enjoyed your questions but I wanted to let you know that I will be interviewing 6 more candidates up until next week”. WHY?! WHY?! Why do they do this? Why cant they just say, there’s a definite possibility we will hire you or we don’t want you.

    I HATE being strung along like cattle and then left to be fed to the wolves.

    Its like I “CANT” be unprofessional, why can they? I mean if youre NOT going to hire me,dont make me wait 2-4 weeks or a month,just tell me.

    Do they not realize that people put A LOT into their interviews, from dressing nice(suits cost effing money,HELLO) , arranging transportation (not everyone has a car, unfortunately and the metro in FL sucks balls), taking the time to write those cover letters AND thank you notes. I will go up and beyond for a job BUT I expect to be met halfway in return AT LEAST.

    Anyone on her knows why HR managers like to screw with you?

    Any experiences with this?

    Ive been going nuts! I feel like a school girl that went on a date and wondering if the guy still likes me afterwards. Lol

    Sorry for my rants! I actually want to be a productive member of society BADLY!

    Being a stay at home mom does not work for me, I like to work, I like to do it all, have the family and the career and I dedicate my time very generously to both! 🙂

    ALL feedback welcomed! And thank you all for reading my EXTREMELY LONG posts! As you can tell, I like to talk A LOT! xD

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    I would work for less than 50k…..anything above 45k would be great for me!!! It's only accounting, but I like it…


    @mr mini


    I have 6 years of work experience(been working since HS),plus 2 years of internships and plan to work as accounting clerk/bookkeeper or something next Summer after I finish my auditing class.[your cheap shots gotta draw a line] lol

    And if YOU choose to take the first offer given to you that is fine but I want more. I do NOT settle for ANYBODY. If more women had that killer instinct, we wouldn't make .30 of dollar LESS than our male counterparts.In the words of Mitt, if you work hard, you deserve your success because “You DID build that!”. If I wanted to settle than I would have stayed at wal-mart and not get myself in debt going to college.

    There are firms out there that WILL pay you your worth…not every company in America is a cheapskate. Its up to YOU to find them. Deloitte&Touche may pay entry level workers 45k but a smaller firm may pay an extra 5-10k.

    And “small/medium firms” tend to compensate you pretty well, while giving you family flex time. You wont get that at a Big4 and they do not pay you nearly as much in comparison to the work they demand.

    This is entitlement either, its called knowing what you want out of YOUR career. Some people are satisfied not moving up and some strive to climb the corporate ladder.

    If you are only commenting to negate every preposition made, than I'm glad to know I am important enough for you to take the time out of your busy day comment on my post. 😉


    Hello, I would like to thank you for sharing your personal experience. When I have the last interview it was fine and I had a nice talk with the HR specialist. It happened when I applied to

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