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    Hi Everyone,
    I am really curious what it takes to get hired as an Accounting Supervisor/Manager. I work as a Senior Account, I am a CPA, I have about 10 years of experience. I don’t have any public accounting experience, though. I work for a company with shared accounting services set up, but the structure is really flat, no career ladder to climb on. Getting a promotion is unheard of… They hire Directors and Managers from the outside, don’t promote from within much. There are no Supervisor, Assistant Manager positions at. There are only Accountants/Senior Accountants, two Accounting Managers (for twenty accountants!) and a bunch of Directors and VP’s. So, getting promoted from a Senior to Manager in unrealistic. Also, Seniors have to perform supervisory duties (reviewing recons and JE’s and drive projects).
    I am curious if it’s possible to salvage this experience elsewhere and apply to an Assistant Manager/Supervisor position. I volunteer for every project I can at my current job, I led many different projects, mentored people, set up/improved processes. I acted more as a supervisor without having the title/pay. My coworkers say I am overqualified/outgrown the Senior role. Yet, it’s hard to find a managing job without the managing experience.
    What’s the best way to get this kind of a job? Everybody’s two cents are greatly appreciated!

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    I passed CPA thanks to and it's great forum, where I got lost of advice from all of you!
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