got a B4 internship…BUT

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    I got an internship at B4 but…
    It’s not an accounting internship. I am in a support role and I don’t even know if they hire interns to work in audit at this firm They seem to be outsourcing this type of work.
    Now that I have access to the entire network in the organization, and I have passed my CPA exams, what are my options?
    A friend may be able to hook me up with an interview in advisory. But due to my lack of understanding of the overall landscape and my lack of experience, I don’t know if that’s even what I want.
    I know that I love problem solving and I felt like I like audit a lot when I was studying AUD. But real world of auditing might be a lot different. The problem is I find a lot of different areas interesting. I remember liking BEC a lot too. I think I am a very analytical type. But I can totally also see myself being a good fit in IT audit. I am a very curious person, and love learning. But I am mid-30’s and this is my second career. So I don’t have a lot of time to waste. I want a future proof career where you can climb the ladder, earn well and not get killed by stress. Is this possible?
    Meanwhile the internship is killing me because it’s completely non-subject matter.
    If I move over to advisory (if that is even possible), I worry that I will lose out on a career in audit and a move to industry.
    Can someone please tell me what the overall options are and what type of person would be suited to the different possible career options?

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    Mike J

    This may not be directly on point to what you're asking.

    However, I think you should try to seize opportunities to volunteer or ask questions (eg I read X on Forbes and was wondering what you thought. It would help me learn Y). Be visible but don't be an annoyance

    Bottom line is you got your foot in the door. Learn what you can, you can spin a lot depending on what it is. Then wait to apply internally or go elsewhere.

    I had a dead-end internship. Tho not at a Big 4. Then I got laid off due to Covid-19. I was doing some bookkeeping until they hired a FT accountant who specializes in payroll. After a month of that they just had me scan, settle fines with the state (we work with 5 Guys franchisees) pay the clients personal bills with their cc and pick up lunch orders. Then I got furloughed. I found something a lot better.

    I probably wouldn't have gotten it if I wasn't actively trying to learn anything and everything. I concentrated on learning instead of what job I didn't have. Well most of the time. Hehe

    Hang in there.

    AUD - 90
    BEC - 79
    FAR - 77
    REG - 77
    They don't trust JUST ANYBODY to count beans
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