Feel like I’m failing in my career!! Please help!!

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    Hello Accountants,

    I feel like I am failing. Here is my career history. I graduated in Dec 2017. I struggled finding jobs that required no experience after graduation, so I desperately accepted a 3 month temp accounting position and then few months later worked for a construction company for 5 months. Both of these jobs claimed to be “accounting” positions but were more like data entry/administrative. I didn’t learn any relevant work experience at these jobs. Then suddenly I landed a junior accounting position in corporate and was super excited to get my career finally moving after 1 year of graduation. This is where I am now, over 2.5 years later, and I am still a junior accountant. I should not be a junior accountant 3.5 years out of college. I feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself. Everyone in my department as been promoted except me. My boss tells me that I lack confidence in presenting my work (which is true, thanks anxiety). And that I am a slow learner (which was true at first when I was learning the job but eventually got the hang of my work). Also I only passed the FAR section of the CPA exam, but recently failed REG and I have a feeling I will fail it again.

    Any words of encouragement would be super helpful!

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    First you need to self evaluate your situation.

    1. Are you putting in the extra effort to learn your job and responsibilities? People who get promoted often put in extra time on learning their job and take on additional responsibilities. They will put in the additional hours through training whether at work or outside of work on their personal time. They help other coworkers by helping solving problems or assuming responsibilities when their coworkers are out on vacation or short-staffed. They will also take on leadership roles even though it is not asked of them.

    2. Are you making sure that you are being recognize for you achievements or work? Some people are just happy hiding away at their desk, while doing their work, and just pray to God that they will get recognize and be promoted. That doesn't happen if you are invisible to your bosses.

    3. You have to have confidence in yourself. You can't be second guessing yourself and nor afraid to make mistakes. It's the only way you're going to learn and get better. The second part of this too is if you don't have confidence in yourself how will you be able to deal with clients at your work? The accounting profession these days is about accountant/client relationship.

    These are a few things you need to evaluate closely and determine whether you need to work on or change.

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    just keep your head up. from personal experience, you already passed the exam with the most material (i thought far was the most difficult not even close).

    you may have just hit a string of bad luck, but if you get through those exams you'll look great for another company and you can wag the middle finger on the way out (metaphorically)

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    There is a thing called imposter syndrome and many in accounting have posted about it. Folks who feel they are not qualified for the position they have or doubt they have the skills for a job they may want. This may be you, or not. You told us that you worked hard to learn your job and you don't mention feeling unqualified for your position. You also sound like you are ready for the next step. Listen to @Skynet put yourself out there to help others, take on additional responsibilities where you work or look for a new job. I am a little curious about your boss because I am not sure what confidence in presenting your work has to do with work that was well done. What does your boss want in terms of presentation? Lots of folks suffer from anxiety – you will need to learn resolve it or manage it and that may require help from a pro. Try your company's Employee Assistance program to see if anything is offered through there that will be helpful. If your anxiety is holding you back from the success you say you desire please find a way to address it. Positive self talk is key. Take a few minutes every day to review the work you have done and grade yourself. Try to be objective. If you think you did well, congratulate yourself. If you think you can do better, figure out what improvement is needed and implement it.
    Try to talk to your boss if you think that will be helpful. Tell him/her you are ready to be promoted and if your confidence is lacking ask for ways to get more positive feedback for your work that will increase your level of confidence. Rate yourself higher because you may be too hard on yourself.
    Ask your colleagues what they think they did to secure their promotions. Like Skynet suggests, chances are they found a way to make themselves stand out.
    Finally, apply for other jobs in the company and don't wait for the tap on the shoulder. If you apply they will have to consider you and this will give you an opportunity to make your case.
    Good luck! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

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    Let me tell you this. I have been in your position, I graduated 5 years ago. I had a job straight out of college, and I got fired from said job 5 months in and for like two years struggled to get interviews and offers for anything.

    Whatever you do with the career, DO NOT GIVE UP on the CPA. You passed the hardest part, and that is a big plus. Depending on when it expires, plan your next few exams accordingly so you have passed your final part 6 months before expiration… Please don't be one of those guys that brag about passing in the final window before expiration, don't even think about taking that long, you are setting yourself up for failure.

    When you pass more parts, and eventually all, getting interviews will be easier, especially since you've been at the same job for 2.5 years and going, it shows you are consistent and don't jump around.

    I also have/had feelings of being a failure, and want you to know, you are not a failure.. and you will get past this. Just don't give up. I think I still have many past posts on my account that you can view to see my struggles. Kick ass in any steps you take forward.

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