Disclose bad grades on College Transcript?

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    Hi everyone,

    Here is my situaton. I just received a job offer from a small regional firm. They requested that my school send over my official transcript. While in school, I got my girlfriend pregnant, we bought a house, we got married, and I worked full time. I tried to continue going to school and ended up with some bad grades on my transcript. F and C in Intermediate 2, F in Finance, as well as some Cs in other classes. After I adjusted to my new life, my grades improved and I was able to pull off a 3.23 GPA overall and in my major. I also enrolled in a MAcc program where my GPA was a 3.8.

    I interned at the firm and did a fantastic job (according to the Sr. Managers and other staff on my engagements). I received a full time offer which I accepted and they are requesting my official transcript. Should I disclose my grades and the situation I was in at the time now or should I wait until they bring it up? If they bring it up.

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

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    So they know your overall GPA? Do they know you have a kid?

    On one hand, so long as you didn't lie about your GPA, your transcripts will add up to what you have represented, so no further explanation should be necessary. On the other, if you know who is going to be receiving the transcripts, you might pop over a little email mentioned that you ordered your transcripts and they'll be on the way, the GPA will add up to what you told them, however if they like any explanation about some of the grades (ie: Fall 2010, new baby, new house, etc) to let you know.

    And I would include a ref to the semester with new baby, new house, like I did above. That way, you point it out, and you are giving them the quick explanation so they probably won't follow up.

    Again though, its an either way, so long as your GPA adds up based on the transcript, I don't see there being a problem

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    I disagree. Own up to your grade and DO NOT use life problems as an excuse.

    If they ask, do not go into sob story. Tell them you had a hiccup that put a strain on your studying and put emphasis on the idea that you recovered and where you finally landed.

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    This is just my personal opinion but I think it depends on why they want your transcripts. If they're asking for your transcripts as proof of GPA, graduation, or something along those lines, it may not be necessary to disclose. However, if you know they're interested in your accounting grades, go ahead and let them know you were going through a difficult time in your personal life & as a result your grades suffered (no need to be specific as to what was going on in your life).The fact that your GPA bounced back shows that you got through the situation and were able to get back on track.

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    I would absolutely not provide the details about baby, house, etc to an employer. Theres a good chance you could face similar life events in the next few years (another child, another move) and you do not want them to think you'll let those events affect you (even though you're older and more mature than you were then).

    Go with the transcripts and casually mentioned you had an off semester/year but point out how nicely you rebounded when you learned a lesson about staying focused. That tells the employer that you've learned a lesson and are prepared to keep up the high quality work that got your GPA to a respectable level after a few F's.

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    Employers care about GPA but they also care about signs of improvement. If you can show you've matured and grown as an individual, I see no problem with being upfront and honest. The profession is all about integrity. We can't change where we came from, but we can learn from those mistakes and be better individuals going forward.

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    I agree with MLA and Peetree, don't go into detail but do mention that you had a rough semester and rebounded strong so they aren't surprised. I think that most people can relate to having a semester or 2 with less than perfect grades and are more interested that you bounced back. Your MAC program GPA is very strong so that helps also.

    As the person who looks at these types of situations for hiring at our firm, I put more weight on how you did in grad school vs. undergrad. There are so many required classes you are stuck with at the undergrad level that you are required to take that have nothing to do with your major! I don't care that you suck at biology, chemistry, or art history and frankly so did I.

    I do care however that you can produce an official transcript from the program you are stating that you attended (we had a former employee who hired in claiming to possess a undergrad degree in accounting but only had an associates degree…not good) and that you had solid grades in the majority of your graduate accounting/tax courses.

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    @djnick2838 – If I understand your psot correctly the the firm that is receiving your transcripts is the firm that you interned with? If so, my feeling is the transcripts may be a part of the “check the box” hiring process and that your work there spoke for itself. If necessary you can discuss the issues that let to your poor grades, but I wouldn't go volunteering anything up front.


    When I got an offer from one of the larger public accounting firms, they asked about my poor grades in the first half of my college career.

    I told them I didn't really know what I wanted or was doing, and partying, etc.

    Got the job.

    Just be yourself, be honest. They shouldn't care.

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    Thank you for responding.


    Seriously, as long as you do a good job and you are personable (good with other staff and clients) firms don't scrutinize like people on these forums indicate. A 4.0 and a huge resume will not remedy a shitty interview and a lack of the social skills necessary to run jobs and deal with staff in the middle of March. This firm obviously likes you, and you will be a great employee; do yourself a favor and don’t make and excuses or conceal anything. You are already in the position that many people with spotless academic histories and miles of accomplishments are confused as to why they cannot reach. Good luck to you and your family.

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    I wouldn't worry about the grades. Employer's and anybody that went to college knows that things don't always go as planned. You made the rebound and did what was necessary to graduate.the determination speaks for itself. Ace the interview. Give this company a reason to hire you. Post a follow up to let u. s know if you got the job

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    SOOO not a big deal. I am sure it is just a compliance issue for personnel record keeping that they need an official transcript.

    I'm the personnel dept at where I work and a lot of times I don't even look at the grades just make sure that the undergraduate degree is there.

    3.8 in masters in accounting is huge. Do not stress your transcript and do not hide it. If anything it shows you are human, determined and know how to get back up. But again I cannot stress again DON'T BE SHADY just have the official sealed transcript sent over.


    I called and they said it was fine, but they generally want it ASAP. I sent it yesterday.

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    This is not a big deal unless there is a HR issue and your GPA isn't that bad


    Your GPA is a lot better than mine and I ended up working big 4 haha

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