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    I have a question please for anyone to help. I am currently working as an accountant in the financial services industry. It’s a permanent role. Although there is some stability but I am not really enjoying the role, it is too monotonous. I had just gotten an offer in the technology industry for a role I really want to do but it is a one year contract with likely renewal and subsequent opportunities to become permanent. I am thinking of moving but I am feeling scared leaving a permanent role for contract. Please has anyone been in this situation? What did you do? And what lessons can I learn?

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    Hi. Here are some things that immediately came across my mind.

    Financially stability – With this economy how many months of savings can you drag on in case you become unemployed or contract not renew? I have friends who are unemployed for 18 months.

    Renewability – How soon will you know if you can extend your contract? 6 months? 9 months? The sooner the better. You want to give yourself enough time to land on something right after contract end so you are not eating on nothing.

    Potential Future Career – If you shall leave – How would this contract benefit you? Will you be able to transfer to something else easily, in terms of career or industry? Will they honor your pervious financial service experience (since you are crossing to different industries)?

    Other things to consider – Pension, benefits, etc. (Depends on your age)..

    If you have answer to most of the questions, then ask yourself “Am I going to regret in 30 years that I didn't take this position?” If your can tolerance the risk of survival, then why not?

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