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    So I got my license, now I’m thinking what should I do with it.

    I’m debating about going for public accounting, audit, general accounting, medical billing, data analysis, or aim for management.

    I have a bit of experience in everything, but none of them are specialized. I’ve never worked in public accounting, went through bunch of interviews during school but was never offered a job. no experience in tax other than doing my own income tax.

    I worked in general accounting office for 7 years, we do everything from contracts, audits, compliance, bookkeeping, HR, etc.

    I also had a year of audit experience, but it was pretty much a failure. I was working from home for 7 months with almost no supervision. The promised trainings and hands on experience never happened. Never finished any audit from beginning till the end.

    NY - CPA

    New York - NYC
    Passed CPA Exam (11/2014)
    In search for a position in NYC that will fulfills the license requirement.

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    @JKFGY Congrats 🎉🎈🎊 on your license! As for career, go with what you like that also offers advancement. Haven’t you worked in government accounting too? The world needs really good government accountants. You can pursue your state’s public finance certification. Good government jobs come with very good benefits too and the finance issues they face are very complex and interesting. Check it out at the local, state and federal levels. Start here:

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    I am currently working in governmental accounting. But I will have to say it's a two side sword. The government is very political and the hope for promotion is zero in NY. I want to exit the system but in NY, Wall Street and Big 4 (and most public accounting firm) don't consider governmental as experienced. You will have to start all over again.

    I'm consider leaving to private accounting first. Since I worked in the vehicle industry for several years maybe I will hop to car companies first and then decided.

    I'm also trying to figure out if I should stay in accounting- accounting track, Or data analyst / programming. I think I know a little bit of everything but there isn't a particular field I'm good or interest at.

    NY - CPA

    New York - NYC
    Passed CPA Exam (11/2014)
    In search for a position in NYC that will fulfills the license requirement.


    For me, it's mixed feelings. I should have gone public when I was younger, but now feel the strain of kids and a family. Pickups during far-away audit engagements can be difficult to maneuver. For my situation, it's easier to do a set schedule, so I want to enter either staff, government, or internal audit when I get done finishing my review with UWorld Roger CPA Review. It's great that you're finished with licensing requirements; it will greatly enhance your prospects no matter which direction you go.


    Mom of Two, studying for the CPA Exam

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