Big 4 Tax or mid term Audit?

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    I have 2 offers, one in tax the other in audit. I really want to work in Audit, and I was told from a friend at Big 4 that it’s possible to switch from Tax to Audit. Should I take a risk and go with tax or take an offer from mid term firm for Audit position and do I need to have a tax experience for a controller position? My ultimate goal is to leave public accounting in five years and try to get a Controller position.

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    I always think about tax's specialty in the industry. I'm currently studying for the CPA (using UWorld Roger), and know that in staff positions, there could be one in tax and several more in audit. It's a niche specialty in accounting. I myself don't prefer it because the laws change too swiftly, and I don't like to constantly keep up with the changing winds of Washington. Decide which one you like best. I know people who really love tax, while others prefer audit for its stability.


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    Hi, may I ask your recruiting process for big 4 tax? Do you apply through campus?

    I am trying to apply tax roles in big 4.


    Mid-tier is better 😉

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    Like they say "It is a marathon not a sprint"

    I'd probably take the Big4 route and see where it leads you.
    If nothing else you'll have a nice name on your resume, along with the prestige and recognition that comes along with it.
    Much easier to go from Big4 to midtier than it is to go from midtier to Big4.
    Also easier to go from Big4 to private/industry, but I think audit experience is more beneficial than tax experience to land a CFO or controller job path.
    I would assume the work hours are going to be equally terrible in both Big4 Tax and MidTier Audit, the culture is presumably the same. They will try and work you for 20 hours a day, for as little money as possible, if you give them the opportunity.

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