Being a slow learner and insecure at work

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    I’m an accounting assistant and I work for a prestigious private company. I have been working here for 2.5 and haven’t moved up at all while most of the people I work with have been promoted. I feel insecure at my job because everyone I work with has either come from an elite university or has amazing big 4 background. My insecurities are part of the reason why I haven’t moved up, but I am working on that. But one thing I don’t know how to fix is the fact that I am a slow learner. This is something my boss has pointed out to me consistently, and I don’t know how to fix it no matter how hard I work!
    Am I just dumb? Changing jobs isn’t going to fix anything because I’m sure I will be a slow learner regardless of where I go!!
    It also doesn’t help that I have only passed FAR after failing it few times. Now I’m even doubting if I can pass the other sections.

    Any words of advice would help a lot! I’m feeling so lost and hopeless 🙁

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    My suggestions. These are what had helped in a job.

    1. Take lots of notes and screenshots! Record the Zoom training. My current job, I would fill notebooks full of notes. I would then review them before and after work. I would keep then on my desk everyday in case I need it. I would sometimes get to work early before clocking in and review my notes. I would watch my Zoom recorded trainings and meetings during the weekends or spare time.

    2. Review and spend time on the training materials provided. At my job, we have training materials, screen steps, and videos on how to do specifics tasks. We all have access to them so anytime we need to know how to do something we can always go there. And if there isn't you should consider making your own.

    3. Spend extra time. I would sometimes work off the clock on the weekends or holidays. This i would consider extra practice and also helps me catch-up on work too. This also help because there is no pressure compare to being on the clock.

    4. Find a coworker or team leader you can trust and build a relationship with who has the knowledge and experience that can help you and who you are comfortable knowing you can ask or get help from.

    5. Practice, Practice, Practice. In accounting you just can't always do things once and be able to do it next time. It takes practice.

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    Look at my scores below and people would think im not that bright. Well guess what, I still think im smart and bright. I dont need any confirmation from anyone to feel secured about myself. If i think that im a slow learner i would try to find out why and try to fix it. Skynet said it very well, preparation is the key. You need to become more diligent in your approach at work. You can do it! Good luck!

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    Don't feel bad about yourself it will add to the problem you are experiencing.

    Reflect on what preparation did you have for the job? Did you go to college or have formal training in accounting at the college level? How did you do in school? Were you able to learn “faster” in school than you are on the job?

    Is the work you are assigned consistent with what you expected upon accepting the position?

    Does your boss say you are a slow learner because you ask the same questions repeatedly? Or ask questions about the same thing, repeatedly? Then Skynet's tips should help. Take the time to write notes. Review your work. Try a different approach, such as additional training. “Prestigious private companies” should have tuition or training assistance – take some additional classes to aid in your grasp of accounting topics. Did you take intermediate accounting in school? If not, take these classes over the next year or so.

    Make sure your boss knows you are trying to figure out a way to better grasp the tasks you are assigned. Not all employers provide the level of training support that Skynet has access to but many have written procedures in place. As insecure as you may be feeling, don't let other people define your self-worth. You show up everyday, you are trying very hard. I didn't go to an elite school or work in Big4 and I feel pretty good about myself. As for Big4, I think I dodged a bullet – everyone makes it sound awful.

    Finally, what do you feel your strengths are? Are you suited for the job? Do you like accounting? Should you try something else that will come more naturally? Consider for a moment that you are not a slow learner and maybe you don't care enough about what you are doing to really pay attention and learn it. You may need to change to something that grabs your attention and you want to dig into. You have good experience under your belt – see where else it may take you. At the very least find a more supportive environment that will make you feel good about yourself. You have value and you do contribute, please feel good about that.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Everyone has doubts about themselves. Few of us are brave enough to share them. Find your niche and feel better.

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    Ninja Book and MCQ and the forum - all the way!!!
    and a little thing i like to call, time and effort!
    if you want things to change, you have to do something different


    Thanks a lot everyone!! Your supportive comments have helped me a lot!! I just gotta stay focused and take a million notes so I can grasp the material!

    Wishing everyone good luck on their paths.

    Thank you and stay blessed <3

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