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    I am ready to begin studying for these exams – I am in a Master’s in Accounting Program at an Ivy (as an employee, so I only have to pay the tax on the imputed income), I have all the educational requirements met.
    In my employment, I work in a very low-level clerical type accounting position – processing payments on purchase orders, processing personal reimbursements for travel and other business expenses, initiating purchase orders, tasks like that. It has been fantastic in terms of having the leftover mental energy to tackle my masters but it’s kind of a dead end job.
    Here are my issues / worries: I am 54, and will be 55 when I finish my masters. Is that too old for this field?
    Ok, so that is the one worry.
    On the positive side, my husband and I are empty nesters and could move anywhere in the country for a job opportunity, and my program has a very good career services office (much of which I have not explored because while my program is usually a one year program, I am taking two years to complete it: four semesters, because I work full time). My grades are great.
    I’ve tried to move up here at my current employer, but have not had any luck – every job I have been passed over for, they have hired someone brand new to the university, which feeds into my worry I am just too old.

    Thoughts, anyone? Of course my career office puts the best face on it: we have had success placing all kinds of people! We have a vast network of alums we can network with (all of which is true, BUT will it work for me?)

    My goal is to have the exams finished or nearly so by graduation.

    Thank you for any insight anyone can offer!

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    @pete, Have you passed yet? I agree with the campus recruiting, because my son landed a really good job because of the campus recruiting.

    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader.....time to pass

    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader....ready to pass


    Repost: This is not a “spam”:)
    Thanks for starting this thread; I hope I didn't hijack it, sort of.:) Well, with a consultation with my son (former Douglas (1st-2nd year levels; currently a 3rd-year computer science majoring in AI (same program with his sister), he at least gave the advice to check the computer lab Excel's add-ins option menu, before the exams. It makes sense, once I added the Analysis Tool Pack and MegaStat from my instructor's online helpful Excel folders. Now, it sort of resembles the computer lab's Excel. As to graphs, tables, and charts, YouTube is a great help in this area. Also, I haven't taken the Excel and accounting apps courses required in my BBA-Accounting program yet. I am so looking forward to taking these courses. I have the basic knowledge in these areas (taken them many years ago) but with the new accounting apps and Excel add-ins, I definitely need to take these courses; it would be fun since I like computers.

    AUD - 49
    BEC - NINJA in Training
    FAR - NINJA in Training
    REG - 55
    Passed: AUD (75%'08/77%'17), REG (76%'09) & BLaw(77%'99); highest on FAR (63%'11/'15) & BEC (63%'11). Credit Hours: USA(PH)-BCom'85(4yr-grandfathered); UBC-(DAP'02/'19); DC-(BBA-Acctg.'22-4th yr)=over 150 hrs credits


    I’ve passed both the cpa and cfe exam years ago. Even interned at a firm (sadly it didn’t convert to an offer), but I can’t get licensed without the experience. Granted, I’ve been employed doing accounting work. I got a new job and stopped looking for a bit because I like to stay at a job for some time. Am now at it again.

    B=84 This exam was such a b**** that I thought I failed-don't know how these things work
    A=76 Slacker I am, I'll happily take it
    R=81 I LOVE taxes
    F=80 I don't wanna get banned for an expletive I'm thinking with "yea" proceeding it


    Really needed to see this post (even though it's been a year). I am feeling discouraged because I just got another rejection. I'm 56 and am certain that I am not being considered because of my age. After reading the comments I'm going keep trying.

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