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    Wanted to hear thoughts and opinions! I joined a Big 4 Firm coming from another non-top firm. Joined a new service industry which is Banking. Currently a senior, not meeting management’s expectations due to being new to Banking. Overall, i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the limited coaching i’ve had and have voiced my concerns already. I also just think that at this point I no longer want to do banking audits and not sure if I want to continue in Audit overall. I have about 4 years of experience in Audit and 4 in private accounting. Any recommendations on other positions to look into? Possibly internal audit for a company could make me feel more at comfort vs working at a public firm. Has anyone gone through anything like this? What career changes/moves would come next or could come similar with my current experience? Overall – just not sure what to do if to stick around or possibly find happiness trying something else out similar to my field and experience. Would love to hear other similar stories and how you’ve overcome the situation.

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    Jumping to Internal Audit in industry should be an easy transition for you. It's likely less stress and slower paced. Doing audits for a mom and pop CPA firm is an option – more variety, but busy season hours as well.

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    Dude forget big4 trash. Come to government. It’s like summer vacation here every day.

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