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    So I am currently on Long Island, NY and my job at this small CPA firm underpays me. I get by each month just fine, but I am still well below market. On Wednesday, another small firm owner approached me, and asked me meet with me at Starbucks at 8pm. We spoke for about 30 mins, and he offered me a that paid over 12k more, and better benefits. By taking this job, I would be leaving my firm after 6 months. I chickened out and didn't take the job for a few reasons:

    – I'd need to move to NYC which is something I've wanted to do, but the salary increase would go directly to increase in rent.
    Career Trajectory: leaving a firm after 6 months doesn't look good on a resume, I feel I need to be at this firm for at least one more tax season before leaving.
    – I am not confident in my skills as a tax accountant just yet, and want to hone them at the same firm for another year before I can say I am extremely confident in taking a senior role.

    What would you guys do? This other firm also happened to work in the industry I have wanted to work in, entertainment. And the owner seems like a nice guy. I know for a fact I am not staying at my firm forever, but staying another year seems like the right move for me.

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    6 months is not a large gap to have to explain on a resume and as long as the new firm has a clear picture of your skills, my opinion is to go to the new firm.

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    1) Ask for a 12k raise + an increase for COLA.

    2) Tell them you are still honing your skills and there would need to be grace, as you're still learning.

    3) Take up an alternate credential like the EA to fast track your tax knowledge – it's cheap and just requires work

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