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    I am completely stumped by behavioral questions at interviews. Most of my answers don’t even related to my current job at a very small time firm doing their accounts. I don’t have much exposure other than my previous sales job to which I can actually related most of these questions. What do i do?

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    My advice, is to stop treating the interview like an Q & A session.

    What I did before, but didn't work, was I was trying to anticipate what questions they were going to ask and try to form an answer which I memorized. But the result was I sounded like a robot.

    I basically said F$&@ this. I started treating the interview like a casual conversation and spin what was on my resume and experience into what they wanted to hear. Basically, I turned into a politician and was more relaxed.
    Whatever the conversation lead, I just went with it. I once knew someone who gave me this advice. “The worst thing they can do is send you home.” If they like you great if not move on to the next interview.

    I once had an interview with a green and renewal energy company. During the interview, the conversation turn to talking about Elon Musk and about Solar panels in space. I got invited to a work interview but didn't get the job. It seem like the interviewer was impressed with my knowledge and my energy. And this was for an AP position.

    The only thing I memorized was what was on my resume, the organization information, and the interviewers profile info if you can find it like on LinkedIn because if they ask you should be able to answer these related questions right away. One thing that will impress the interviewers the most is if you know about your interviewers background using LinkedIn. I was able to do this because I knew the leadership team of the company I was interviewing for.

    When I started treating the interview like conversations which includes Skype or phone interview, I started getting call backs for 2nd and 3rd interviews.

    This worked for me but it might not for someone else.

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    Mike J

    I agree with Skynet (and the guy who responded first. The computers are probably right but I digress).

    More to the point, yes, it's great advice to treat these as conversations, but with a purpose. You're also interviewing them AND you want to see if you like, or at least relate to the person or people. You'll be spending a lot of time together.

    You should also research how to answer these questions. Glassdoor and Indeed have great examples. Look up the STAR method, as well. You studied for tests and The Test that this forum is for. This is no different.

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    Thank you Skynet and Mike J. I remember a horrible HR interview I had a while ago. The lady probably asked me at least 25 of those behavioral questions. Though I had prepared, I still felt stumped by most. I remember she asked what my weakness was and I gave the cliche response about perfectionism. She persisted at least 3 times! At the end of it, I really felt like I did not want the job. Haha

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