Can I lie about my graduation date on my resume?

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    I graduated with an MST in 2016, but due to personal issues I left my first out of college job in December 2016, and took two years off. My first real public accounting job was in 2019. It is hard to explain that I did not work in public at that time. I am at my third firm since that one in 2019, and it seems that I just jump around firms. When they ask about that gap, they always believe I worked at other firms, which I did not.

    I feel like postponing my Graduation date from May 2016 to December 2019 would be extremely helpful.

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    Lying is stupid and reflects more on your character than your work ethic. Don't put any academic years on your resume. Not necessary. I have jumped around too. Employers who hire with incentives to stay will understand the jumping around. Everyone has done it these past few years. Be prepared to give good reasons for doing so. Don't apologize – you did what was right for you at the time. You are still looking for the better fit.

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