How to study with Wiley and NINJA

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    Hey Everybody,

    I am wondering if anybody here has passed using Wiley and NINJA. Any tips or study plans would be great.


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    I didn't find the textbook to be that useful. The Wiley testbank is okay. I mainly use it for the sim. The only part that I like was that I can open up a testlet and then go offline. So I can continue to do questions while I'm on the train underground. So when I am back on the ground with data I can press sumbit and it will work. I literally study everywhere. Their sims are good.

    I like the NINJA MCQ better. There's more variety. I usually do Wiley on my way to work and then NINJA at home.

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    I used both Ninja and Wiley…I watch the wiley videos and then do the assessment at the end, during the week. On the weekends I listen to Jeff audios and videos and then jump into the Ninja MCQ. Ninja MCQ will prepare you well for the exam if you put in the work.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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