You are not special just because you passed the CPA

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    Since I have started accounting and began my journey into studying for the CPA Exam, all that I have noticed is that the CPA is a load of horse shit. I have met people who exemplify everything that a CPA (supposedly) entitles, and I have met people that I still do not know to this day how they passed the test and are walking around this world a CPA. I have realized that the CPA is just a tool used to not flood the accounting market. Understandable, but stupid. Anyone without a CPA (given time) can do everything that someone with a CPA can do. Tax, audit, industry, etc. All of it is like any other job. Over time, you are trained, you work in the field, and you gain experience. The fact that you have to spend a fortune and spend hours of your time to, in the end, be legally able to just sign off on a return or an audit report, is preposterous.

    To those who have passed the CPA, congrats, I applaud you because it is a difficult task, but you cannot possibly believe that it makes you special. To those that are still studying, obviously don't give up as I will not. Keep trying and soon you will be legally able to do what you could easily do now.


    Tell us how you really feel…lol.

    When I finally pass this exam, HECK YEAH I'M GOING TO SCREAM FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS, “I'M SPECIAL!!!!” And do you know why? I went through a lot in college. I cried, blood, sweat, tears, body aches, mental anguish…I have spent a lot of money and I struggled to get where I am today. So yes, I will consider myself special because I deserve it. I worked hard for it. No one gave me a thing. I run a successful accounting practice and will be even more successful once I do get my license.

    Instead of sounding like your self-esteem is in the toilet(yes I used to sound like you), just focus on what you will want to do with your career and worry less about others. And I do agree with you that some people who have CPAs on the outside really seem dumb as stumps. There are book/test smart people co-existing amongst us who lack total common sense and know-how.

    Good luck to you.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

    This Too Shall Pass

    Alright man that was kind of unnecessary. We should be pushing each other up in this forum. I truly believe you need to start looking at what's wrong inside of you and try to approach the world with a more positive attitude because this way of thinking won't get you anywhere.

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    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    I can understand from your perspective. Its definitely a frustrating process. There were definitely times where i cussed at the CPA because of my many failures. The only reason why i didn't quit is that im at a road block to my career. If i already had a decent job, i would've given up long time ago. Im only doing this for a better future hopefully. Good luck.

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    I need it for career advancement. Also, I noticed that my CPA colleagues were getting promoted. So despite the difficulty in the test and getting the necessary credentials to sit for the exam and to quality for certification, I still believe it's worth it.


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    I’m not saying some of what you’re saying isn’t true, with enough experience you can still acquire an expertise in accounting in many industries. But you kinda just sound like you have a personal situation going on inside your own head. Just study as much as possible and take the exams again.

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    I don't about you, but it is my understanding that the CPA gives you SUPERPOWERS!

    The POWER to charge a higher billable hours.

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    Phase V : TBD

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