Is healthcare industry audit a dead-end?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm considering taking this offer i got at a regional firm in NJ for an audit associate position specifically in the healthcare industry. I can't say I have any interest in the healthcare industry but I'm willing to give it an honest try. Do you think I should take it if it's my best option and if I don't like it request a transfer to a different industry later on?

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    Healthcare careers are some of the best. Myers Stauffer is a firm that focuses on Medicaid and Medicare audits. It is an industry unto itself but the experience is not limited to healthcare, as valuable as that may be. There is a lot of fraud and error in healthcare. You can use this as a stepping stone to a career in forensic accounting.
    Do you know what areas interest you? Is it worth the wait until an opportunity in that comes your way? Are you qualified for your desired career or will healthcare audit help you get there?
    You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. So figure out what you want and find a way to get there.
    Good luck!🍀

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    I would take it considering how bad the economy is with the covid stuff but if you have certain industry that you want to get into then waiting a little wouldnt hurt. Its your call and i know you will make the right choice for yourself.

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    Honestly, there are pro and cons in every field. All I can say is…. what are you trying to get out from this job? It can be a nightmare or a dreamland.

    Healthcare industry stands on its own – meaning you will be specialize. If you move out from this industry people might not take your experience. Even if you specialize in forensic, criminal forensic is not the same as healthcare forensic and it's not the same as financial forensic. (However, that doesn't mean you cannot transit to another related accounting position).

    Good teams will get you going a lot vs. bad teams means you are forever stuck.
    Cases are either super pressured vs. or takes forever long.
    You might be subject to conflict of interest upon leaving, which prevent you from going to certain firms.
    Promotion is often linked to completion of cases which is often linked to dollar amount.

    Conclusion: Think of what you wanted to get out in 3 yrs. & 5 yrs. and always have a back up plan in case it failed.

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