Can I cancel my score before it comes out

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    As it's stated above,
    I am currently waiting for my REG exam score, which is 100% sure failed.

    I tried to re-enroll the exam and it says I have to wait until the score comes out.
    In this situation,
    can I cancel my exam score before it's released and register?

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    I highly doubt that you could cancel your score and I would also not recommend it. Many people have been shocked to see a passing score when they were sure that they had failed. You have two choices: 1) Continue to study for REG or 2) move on and study for the next section until you find out if you passed or not. I always chose to start studying for the next section but I've seen plenty of people say that they would review and keep studying REG. The way I looked at it is that I could just go back to restudy the section if I didn't pass but if I continued to study the same section and found out I passed it would be wasted time. Good luck and let us know what happens.

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    You cant get your refund so why would you want to cancel? You see my logic?

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    i dont think you can cancel. if you are truuuly 100% sure you failed, you probably failed by a lot. so, you probably want a good amount of time to study anyway. just study until the score is out and you can reapply!

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