CA CBA Website: Issues reapplying for Retake (Remittance Form)

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    Is anyone having issues reapplying for a retake with the CA CBA website?

    If anyone here is from CA, can you let me know which tabs are showing in the top area.
    I have a feeling I'm missing the tab that let's me reapply for a retake.

    Tab #1 Account Welcome
    Tab #2 Contact Info
    Tab #3 Additional Info
    Tab #4 Education Info
    Tab #5 Status
    Tab #6 Information

    I remember there was an additional tab between Education Info and Status but it's not currently showing anything that will allow me to reapply and print out a remittance form.

    I've emailed them a couple times now since last week but I haven't heard back from them yet. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

    Thank you!

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