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    When taking the CPA exam at Prometric, as you allowed to use your breaks to go to your locker and check your “power notes”? I type out the key points on my UWorld Roger CPA lectures onto card-sized printouts, and am thinking about bringing them in my purse. I figure I'll be in full stress mode, which causes my mind to go blank, and the notes will be reassuring to have.


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    @ellabella If I remember correctly, you are not supposed to look at notes during your break. I hope you don't mind that I suggest you find techniques to help yourself to relax. Easier said than done. For example, close your eyes and remind yourself that you are a great mom of two which is the hardest job there is, and this is just an exam. From what I've seen of your posts, you seem like you are well prepared, dedicated, and have good study habits, so also go in there confident in yourself. I know you could do this, but you are the one who has to believe in yourself. Good luck!

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    Yeah, unfortunately you can't look at your notes during your break. The center has security cameras everywhere, feels almost like a prison where you're constantly being monitored. You should look through your important notes right before you go into the prometric center.

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    Yea, a hard no on this.
    You aren't even allowed to check your phone during breaks, or they will “note” it on your file.
    I only went inside with my NTS, ID and car key.
    If you are driving to the facility, arrive early and park, then review those last minute notes in the car and take some deep breaths.
    I always went over an hour early, and was always allowed into the testing center with no line, because I avoided the normal peak times. Your ability to do this will be directly dependent on how long the prior test taker was schedule to use the same computer. Remember Prometric does lots of other tests and most test takers are done before the allotted time.

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