Becker CPA Review Discount or Coupon Codes: How to get the best price?

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    Becker CPA Review Discount: How to get the best price? I am wanting to purchase Becker…but it is super expensive. Currently, my job does not offer any kind of support to help fund it and I am not affiliated with any of the schools or companies Becker has listed on the site. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get a Becker CPA review discount code?



    Best advice would be to take a look into other study materials. For me, Yaeger worked great at about 1/4 of the cost of Becker and it seems as though others give great reviews to Gleim/Rogers.


    A guy I went to college with got his Becker program for free by signing up other people for Becker. He sat in the lobby of the business building with a Becker sign and a sign up sheet. I think he had to sign up 10 people to get his program for free and it only took him about a week. Maybe contact Becker and see if you can get the same deal. I think they were called ambassadors or something like that.


    Did you graduate recently? They offer a student discount. Becker is the most expensive, but it works. They all work, but still. If you really want becker maybe use their 18 month payment plan. 0% interest.

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    I am on the same boat, too expensive that makes me wanna buy just FAR for now and buy the rest from Roger.


    Contact one of their reps directly and ask for it. They hand out a 50% discount pretty easily from what I've seen.

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    I am a Becker campus ambassador at the local university where I study and I got the Becker system for free. This is great if you are still taking classes (can be part-time). It really has been very easy and not time consuming. A second option is that Becker often has promotions on their website. They come and go and can offer as much as $1,000 off. A third option is that Becker offers scholarships for 50% off during the “school year” (roughly, usually September – May). As a campus ambassador, I let people know when the scholarship is available and put the students interested into contact with the Becker representative. Even if you are no longer working, you could find out if there is a Becker campus ambassador at your former university and see if they could put you into contact with your local Becker rep.
    I hope this is helpful!

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    I'd suggest taking advantage of the free trial, they usually send discount/coupon codes after the free trial period is over.
    I'd also recommend you research and try other providers besides just Becker, make sure it fits your learning style.

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