AICPA Ethics Exam – Advice Needed

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    Hi all,

    I am FINALLY done with all 4 sections of the CPA exam. I have purchased the AICPA ethics exam and am looking through it before getting started. What is the most effective and efficient way to tackle this as fast as possible? I've heard it can take between 4-8 hours. I am hoping to complete it in around 4 hours if possible. I have already downloaded all of the PDFs from ‘Resources'. I clicked on ‘Content' and see a bunch of videos. Should I just take the exam and search the PDFs as I go..? I'd appreciate any advice.


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    Why are you in such a rush? it is not a race. I watched all videos all the way through. I didn’t take notes but I paid attention and read all the questions and answers asked for each section. Then with the pdf open on one monitor I took the exam on the other and searched for answers I was uncertain about. I took my time since the exam is not timed and you cannot go back to a question. It is not hard but it wants the answer it wants so don’t hesitate to search the pdf – open book is ok. It is an important topic so don’t do this just to complete this step in the license process. The videos took awhile to get through over a few days. The exam maybe two hours. But I got a 93 first time and I remember what I learned.

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    I took the ethics exam with no prior prep and just downloaded the pdf and used it to search. It took 7-8hrs to complete the exam and I barely passed with a 90. It requires a high degree of focus and shouldn’t be taken lightly. A few questions were not straight forward and could go one of two ways. Most of them I was able to find using the search and a lot of careful reading. It’s a beast. Good luck!

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