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    In order to keep the “NINJA MCQ: Trending vs Actual Scores” thread ( cleaned up and easily scannable (Firefox is saying this isn't a word – but it should be), I'm creating this thread, which will hopefully serve as a FAQ as well.

    Thank you to all of the ninjas who help answer questions about NINJA MCQ and give feedback on how they used it!


    FAQ asked and answered by NINJAs:

    Q:On the “progress report”, what is the difference between “Average Score' and ‘Trending Average Score'?

    A: Average score is your score since you started using, trending is your more recent stuff. so your average isn't thrown so far off if you use the mcq's to learn and make 30's and 40's first time through. Your average is your overall average. Trending is last 5 sessions, weighted by CSO topics. Trending in the 80's is a good indicator. Average in the 80's is great though.

    Your trending is based on your recent performances and also weighted by CSO. So, you're probably scoring higher on “easier” questions and lower on “harder” or more “heavily weighted” CSO questions. Do some “missed last time” sets or “trouble questions” sets to see where your weak points are and go from there.

    Q:What should be my “target” trending score?

    A: Aim for the review phrase and trending in the mid-80s, if possible.

    Q:What is the difference between missed last time and trouble questions?

    A:The missed last time are questions missed in your last set of questions, “trouble questions” are those missed consistently. Once I got through all the MCQs in Ninja, I would filter it by “missed last time seen” or “trouble questions”- that helped narrow down my problem spots. I answered all the questions first and then re-did specifically the subjects I was doing poorly on. Yes, I took my own notes and created like a 3 page “cheat sheet” for reminders. I also re-wrote the ninja notes 3x. I did do the missed last time seen option and it did help.

    Q:How do you hit the Review Stage?

    A: The review stage begins when you've answered every question correctly at least once.

    Q: Are the SIM graded separately from the MCQ?

    A: Yes

    Q:Is there a way to do more than one SIM at a time?

    A: No – each simulation has to load separately. Ending a sim and starting a new one doesn't take very much time at all.

    Q:What is a good approach to using NINJA MCQ? Trying to figure the most efficient/effective method.

    A: First I try to get all the new questions done. After that, I do nothing but trouble questions for the last few weeks or so. And if I'm missing the same problem two or three times, I copy and paste the answer with the explanation on a word document. So then a few days before the test or a day before the test, I look at all those questions I put on the word document to make sure I understand the concepts.

    Also, in the early going I try to only do problems from the section I studied that day. For example, if I read deferred taxes and leases, I will only do problems from those two sections. Make sure you use the custom feature for that.

    Q: How do I avoid repeat questions?

    A: When you do MCQs, choose “custom and Sims” then the category then “New Questions.” You shouldn't get repeats if you do it that way. I click “New questions” until I have seen all of them once. Then I do sets of 30 (letting Ninja choose them) until I reach 85% trending in each category.

    Q: How do I reset my progress and start over?

    A: After you login and click “Launch Course”, you will see the big RESET button at the bottom beneath the Helpful Links

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review
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