Is there a correlation between IQ and CPA scores?

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    If you guys want to see if there is a correlation between your CPA scores and your IQ, you should be able to find out in less than 20 minutes. This is not the Benet test that is given to young kids, this is for adults only. Who knows, the results might give you a bit of boost in confidence. The following link will take you to the exam.

    IQ Score Chart

    0-39 Severely challenged (0.13% of the population)

    40-69 Challenged (2.14% of the population)

    70–85 Below average (13.59 % of the population)

    85–115 Average (68.26% of the population)

    115–130 Above average (13.59 % of the population)

    130–145 Gifted (2.14% of the population)

    145+ Genius (Less than 0.13% of the population)

    The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is an intelligence test that was first published in 1955 and designed to measure intelligence in adults and older adolescents. The test was designed by psychologist David Wechsler who believed that intelligence was made up a number of different mental abilities rather than a single general intelligence factor.

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    According to the IQ test my IQ is 105. However, the last time I failed AUD I felt like I'm “severely challenged”.. ((( and I'll feel this way until I pass all 4 parts.

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    The time is taking me to do all these exams makes me feel <39. If you guys decide to take it, please don’t rush it, and just take your time. If it takes you 25 minutes, they will only deduct a few points. The good thing about this exam is that it does not give you the answers, so even if you take it twice, your score might not change much.

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    Oh these things are way too addicting. 😉 I've had Mensa members suggest that I apply to join since they're sure I can get in, but this gives me a below-average score. If this is accurate, than let me encourage you all that with an 80-something on this, I was able to pass all 4 on the first try, so if you're average or above you can definitely pass this exam. 🙂

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    Lila, you probably did it too fast. You should take your time, and if you take too long, they only take a few points.

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    Wow, this is awesome. According to this I am Gifted! hahaha

    I'll copy and paste my info:


    Your IQ Score


    Your Status


    Elapsed Time


    Plus, I did this while working; it easily added 5 minutes to my time.

    Let me tell you, I don't feel gifted while studying and preparing for the CPA exam.

    No wonder Roger says that the CPA exam is not an IQ test; if it was I would have passed it the first time around.

    Thanks for posting it, it was fun to do and great to see that I am not a complete moron.

    CPA (MA, Non Reporting) since Oct. 2015


    B – 33, 71, 79

    A – 32, 61, 70, 83

    R – 33, 58, 73, 69, 81

    F – 47, 78

    1st test 01/19/2013

    Last test 05/26/2015


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    This is fun to look up, but it is simply not possible to determine iq from cpa exam scores. The only thing the exam scores are good for is to determine whether or not you passed.

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    That was fun. I gave up trying to figure out one of them. The ticking was annoying me!

    140, gifted, time 10:46

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    CPA soon

    IQ is a way to measure intelligence against age so it's only an effective measure for kids because adult intelligence is mainly how much u learned rather than your genetic intelligence. It's kind of like measure that this 5 year old kid intelligence is comparable to 7 year old kids.. So he would have a high iq.. Irrelevant measure for adults.

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    I was very happy with my 119,but now you guys made me look dumb :). I will just study harder!

    CPA soon, you are talking about the Benet IQ test, this one is very different than that one.

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    Definitely easier the second time you take it.

    1st attempt: 118 in 12:14

    2nd attempt: 143 in 04:35

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    I just got 148…i promise I am not a genius!

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    I got a 124 but I don't think that the CPA Exam has anything to do with your IQ. I think it pretty much is solely based on how much you want it and how hard you're willing to work. Granted there are people who dont study much and still pass (hate those people) but I think plenty of people work their butts off to pass it. FAR just doesnt come easily to me and to be honest, I actually hate journal entries and “pure accounting” so I dont feel that I'm “above average” intelligence when I'm studying these days haha.

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    Intelligence is the mind's ability to process information quickly and correctly. So, yes, there would be a correlation between and IQ and CPA pass rates, however, that's not to say that people who have average IQs can't pass the exam, because they certainly can and they certainly do. Sometimes it's through their own sheer force of will.

    If you really want an accurate measure of your intelligence (online tests are not accurate predictors), take a supervised IQ test administered by a psychologist or alternatively, the Mensa Admissions Test — it's proctored (distributed/supervised/timed/etc.) by fellow Mensans and held in a library or similar place. I scored a raw score of 100 on the Mensa Admission Test, which by their conversion table, equates to being above the 99th percentile and having an IQ of somewhere between 135-158 (it's the high end of the range — it doesn't specify past 99th percentile) [website: ]. I took the test as a result of a friendly challenge from a co-worker, but I had taken the CPA exams long before that. I passed them all on my first try, but I also scored a 78 on REG; one might expect a better score from an individual possessing a high IQ. My point is, there may be a correlation, but just because someone is “intelligent” by traditional standards, doesn't make them bulletproof when it comes to the CPA exam. You still need to learn specific rules, phase-outs, calculations, etc. that no amount of spatial reasoning and analytical ability can help with. Moral of the story: don't put too much pressure on yourself or doubt yourself because you have fall within 1 standard deviation of the IQ mean (i.e., IQ of 85 – 115, or, “average intelligence”), if you study hard, you are still very likely to pass the exam. Also, I would argue high emotional intelligence coupled with average or greater intelligence is a better combination than being a genius but ostracized by your peers for being a socially-awkward a-hole. Just my two cents.

    Source: Member of Mensa with a high IQ, a licensed CPA, and most importantly, a normal guy who treats everyone with love and respect, no matter who they are or where they come from.

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    I don't think there is a correlation between IQ and the CPA exam. It's probably just a matter of really studying, although I would think a high IQ would mean you would have much better reasoning skills, and you may be able to understand information much faster. A person with a high IQ would probably have to memorize less information because they can also just reason through questions and still get the right answer. Having no clue what the formula is, but backing into the answer in what they would think is “common sense” would probably mean a higher IQ than most of society.

    AUD - 99
    BEC - 84
    FAR - 93
    REG - 87
    NYC born and raised.
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    I doubt there is any correlation. I just got a 149.

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