I hate the cpa exam

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    FAR 63,63,63,64,62,57

    Hi everyone,

    These are my FAR scores. FAR 63,63,63,64,62,57. How on earth am I doing so poorly? How do people pass on the first try? I just don’t understand what I am missing. I’ve done the questions thousands of times. I should atlas be getting better scores but the first three times the exact same score. It’s already been $1,200 i’ve spent not including all of the time on these tests of just the 4.5 hour long ordeal… all the studying.. tears.. sweat… sacrifices.. I just feel like I don’t see how the next time I take the test I could get any better. How are people doing so much better than me? I leave the tests feeling I must have passed, but surely each time i fail miserably. I hate this exam. I hate it, it has taken so much out of me. I wonder if I’m crazy in the test room and just select the wrong letters or i’m dyslexic. I just don’t understand. I use Becker… how could someone who does all the becker questions and simulations.. do so poorly? I hate this test. I hate it.

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    Sorry to hear that you had to go through this frustration. Please tell us how do you study everyday? how much do you study and do you understand the concept or memorize the answers? have you tried using NINJA MCQ? how about rewriting your notes or NiNja notes?

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    You may need a confidence booster. Why don't you try a different section?

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    Becker isn't working for you… try a new review course so you can hear a different way of explaining the concepts. It helped me – I went from Wiley to Ninja to Roger. Part of this exam is figuring out how you learn best.

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    Have you tried any other materials? Becker is a good program but that doesn't mean it's the right program for everyone.

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    Is Becker all that you are using? I would get another review course. I started with becker and you can see my results. then i created my own notes after reading the becker books. then completed ninja mcq to finally pass

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    Do not give up! If I was you I'd purchase Gleim ($400 for the FAR section). Trust me, at this point you need a new approach. I think that if you purchase the FAR section for Gleim, skim through the chapters and take notes on areas you know you are weak in, and run through their MCQ (they are considered the toughest), you'll identify what you really need to improve on. Again, this is just a suggestion but please stop using Becker. It hasn't produced results for you. You have the determination to pass. Just do something different! You need new videos, MCQs and simulations.

    Also, Gleim breaks down all the topics into 20 chapters. They also give you detailed reports on your performance in each chapter and their respective sub-units as you go. By doing this you can focus on the real problem areas. Their final review is pretty intense and that final report also breaks it down for you.

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    To really answer this question we need to more about how you are approaching studying and the way that you use Becker. If you simply are watching the videos and going through the questions without completely grasping the underlying material you are going to continue to have a rough time.

    Just switching software or study materials likely won't make a difference if you don't first take a look at yourself and the approach you are using.

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    @Hopelesscpa89 What is your background? Do you have majors in Accounting and or work within accounting?

    Your scores indicate no improvement at all from 57-64. It means that you are not grasping the concepts. Doing tons of MCQs does not necessarily translate into better scores. You must understand the concepts to pass the FAR. This is imperative for simulation section which tests your knowledge about the concepts.

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    hopelesscpa89, I'd consider talking to someone who has recently passed and inquire about their study method. Better yet, have them as a tutor for at least some period of time. Your scores tell me (and no offense here, just stating the obvious) that there's something wrong with your study approach. Without observing you study, it's hard to tell what it is through – maybe you're not paying enough attention to lectures, skipping reading the book or not learning from MCQs the right way. If you correct your approach and/or change the study course I'm sure things will get better for you.

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    the LAST Coffee

    You've fallen into the Becker trap. (do this this this and you'll pass!)

    Maybe try a new review course?

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    I'm sorry that you are having this much difficulty but I think your issue starts with your screenname – you need a change in mindset. I have a feeling from reading your post that you are suffering from test anxiety and are almost expecting yourself to fail. Maybe you should switch to another section just to give yourself a fresh start and gain some confidence from passing one. I know when I started out, there was no way I had the mental disclipine for FAR – I began with the parts I thought would be the easiest for me to pass without putting forth a ton of effort to build momentum. By the time I hit FAR, I was so determined to be done and had the confidence because I had breezed through the first 3. Look back at your study habits and also think to how you learned in college. What works for some people doesn't work for others. Good luck!

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    hopelesscpa89, you have spent 18 months of your life testing for FAR, and I don't think Becker is at fault because with Becker as bad as it is, you can still hit 71 at least on your second try. I think what is killing you is the simulation part of the exam cause you don't remember your JEs, and becker assumes you know every single JE they can throw at you. I suggest you go with Roger. You might also be working too many hours, and by the time, you are done with Ch10, you already forgot most of ch1 and if that is the case, you need to write your own flash cards and review them constantly.

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    Replies blaming Becker, makes sense.

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    You say you're using Becker but you didnt say how well you were doing with Becker. Have you watched all the videos, done all the HW multiple choice and SIMS? What kind of scores are you getting in your home work?

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    I'm always amazed by how negative people are about becker – is there anything besides the high price that drives it? Honestly, I've checked out other review materials only briefly but was left with the impression that Becker was at the very least on par with them (and for me it was the best one).

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