Grant Thornton "Picture this" or a similar snipping tool?

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    My ex-boss was a GT alum; and in 2012 he introduced me to “Picture this”. It's a tool that allows to make a screenshot of any size. The beauty of it is the fact that screenshot floats in active window. You can have your screenshot and excel open at the same time. Really helpful when working with two spreadsheets.

    Unfortunately, I lost the download link. It was a legitimate download, available to public. Googled my heart out to no avail.

    Can anyone please share the link or suggest a similar tool?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Did you ever find Picture this or an acceptable alternative?

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    Apple OSX has one built in. Shift-curl-Apple-4, I think.

    Evernote also comes with a free tool that does the same.

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    Similar tools would be Snag-it and Snipping Tool.

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    I don't know exactly what you mean by floating, but Snipping Tool sounds like it would accomplish what you're after.

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    Ive used Snipping Tool quite a bit, and it's worked well up to this point.

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    I use snag-it, love it, great screen grab tool.

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    I live on Evernote (not a huge endorsement just a survival thing in lack of better options) in my civilian life and the Evernote Web Clipper is the tool to have if Snipping Tool doesn't cut it.

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    Created an account here just to answer this: the download for PictureThis is posted on the GT Alumni website. If you know anyone who has access to it, they can send you the .exe file.

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    Cassie.. you are awesome. Thank you! Didn't even think to look there

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    Sounds like “PictureThis” is proprietary to Grant Thorton employees and alumni.

    The best alternative is Snagit made by TechSmith.

    Here is the Snagit download:

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