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    Hi guys!

    I just have a few questions about earning extra credits in the US via CLEP exam… I have gotten some basic idea from this Forum but honestly, I am still quite confused. I was hoping that I could get some clarification from you lot. BTW I am trying to apply to NY CPA

    Here is my brief background:
    1. I passed the exams in September 2017
    2. Started working at BIG 4 in Korea since November 2017
    3. Graduated from an undergrad university in Boston with 147.5 credits
    4. I am short 2.5 credits to New York CPA license requirements
    5. I have fulfilled all business/accounting credit requirements at my undergrad – i will be taking psychology CLEP exam

    As far as I know, in order to apply for CPA License in the State of New York, I have to earn extra 2.5 credits (under the US Education system) from a regionally accredited university. From my research, I have figured out that taking CLEP exam and transferring those credits to Excelsior College, which is a reasonably priced accredited college located in NY, is the most recommended way to earn a few credits.

    Surely, in order to transfer credits from CLEP exam, I would have to be enrolled at Excelsior College. Would I have to enroll for a Bachelor course at this college, or do they have like a specific course where I can just pay a one-time fee and have them transfer my credits?

    Please helppppppppp, I have been stuck with this problem for quite awhile now 🙁

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    Your best bet is to contact the college directly. Sorry I don't have the answers for you.

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    I don't know everything about your personal circumstances or anything about CLEP, but I can tell you what I did. I was 3 accounting credits short of New York's required number, so I took an online accounting course through a SUNY school to meet the requirement. No application or enrollment necessary. I just registered for the class and paid the tuition for the 3-credit course. Once I finished the class, I sent the transcript to the CPA Examination Services (this was before I sat for the exam, so you may have to send yours somewhere else). This process was pretty straight-forward and I would recommend it if you're able to do it this way. You might want to talk to the NY State Board about the specifics. Hope this helped!

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    Thank you so much for your help guys! really appreciate it

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    Hi Meh, I would definitely recommend calling your state board about this, because you may not have to go through all of that effort. I have quite a few CLEP tests, which were recognized on an educational transcript I had in the Marine Corps. My board accepted that no problem. You may just be able to submit evidence of the credit.

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    Hi Calek21, which SUNY school did you use? I also short on accounting credits by 3 , and I passed all 4 parts , so wants to finish up with this. Thanks!!!

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