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    I still need a few more classes. I took an online class through UNA and you get what you pay for – some of the material was outdated and some of it was just plain incorrect. I was very unimpressed with the lack of customer service from APU the several times I phoned or emailed. And I decided against Southern New Hampshire University since they hire professors who think Australia isn't a country (google it). So I guess I'll have to shell out a little more $ to find online classes that I'll actually learn from and will look good on the resume.

    Any recommendations? I'm still on a budget but cheapest doesn't mean best. Priorities are:

    – Ease of registering – minimal paperwork & hoops to jump through
    – Easily accessible information online – class schedule, syllabus, textbook, instructor contact info, etc
    – Competent instructors who answer questions and grade papers in a reasonable time
    – Variety of accounting and finance classes to choose from
    – Papers instead of exams would be better, or minimal exams, as the local library charges $50 to proctor each exam
    – no software to download
    – use real textbooks rather than notes to print out (I hated that when I took the UNA course)
    – and yes, it's not #1 priority any more but still important – low tuition cost

    Thank you

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    I was happy with my Thomas Edison State University Audit course…though the prof I had worked us. I was definitely well prepped for the exam and Becker.

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    I profit from your CPE frustration. You're welcome.

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    I just found this:

    Has anybody ever taken classes from Penn Foster? Did their State Board of Accountancy accept the classes as accounting courses toward the CPA exam?

    These are by far the cheapest accounting classes I've found – $329 per class (not per credit) and that includes a real text book. Wonder what the catch is?

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    I am taking the ethics requirement for California right now through UCLA extension and the class I am taking is taught by a retired CPA, his class is well put together, has a traditional text book, is 10 weeks long. It is a lot of work but you will learn from it. If you pay 30 days in advance you will get 10% discount making it just under $700. I am already a CPA in another state and need this for licensing purposes and I have a Masters already but I would not hesitate to take additional classes at UCLA.

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    John G

    Penn Foster doesn't appear to be regionally accredited. Very important – check for regional accreditation with US Department of Education. Some states don't accept non-regionally accredited coursework. They are only DEAC accredited.

    I did my extra accounting courswork at Park University. I found the courses to be high-quality and they have online offerings.

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