Taken Far twice- Still no passing score- Switch to NINJA?

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    Hi everyone,

    So I've taken FAR twice already and got a 63 both times. I have used Becker both times. In terms of study tactics I've taken notes from the lectures, done the skills practice, and completed all the m.c. and sims in the software for each try. Do you have any study tips for what I should do so I can pass this 3rd time around? I was considering switching to NINJA and just learn everything from scratch using their material. Thoughts? I'm aiming to take my retake March 7th week. Would this be enough time to relearn it?

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    My opinion – if you actually completed ALL of the SIM's, then you spent way too much time on SIM's…time that would have been better spent on MCQ's and reading/memorizing. I used Becker only and did fine. I spent about an hour and a half each weekday doing MCQ's, about 5 hours of studying on Saturday, and a few hours on Sunday. Gave myself maybe 6 weeks? I wrote down every wrong answer; I probably had 30 pages of notes by the time I took the test. Those notes were what I read before going to bed each night.

    The fact that your scores weren't all that close to passing makes me question whether you are putting the time in, but if you are then maybe a change in study materials might work. You are already using the study materials with the highest passing rate though.

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    Learning material isn't the key- the key is that you need to build your own knowledge system. In other words, MASTER the knowledge instead of REMEMBERING them. For example, book says 1+1=2, and when you come across a question asking 1+1=? you know the answer is 2. But examiners are not gonna test you 1+1=2 . they will typically give you a question like 1+?=2
    so don't remember, you need to master.

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    Hi 🙂
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    Jimmy Dugan

    I am using Becker and I think it's better than virtually anything else out there. I don't know that switching to something else as far as the book and lectures is going to be productive for you. Now, the Ninja test bank (which I use now) is fine, as is Wiley and a couple of others. I would pick one and bang out 200 questions right to start off with. Then use the analysis tools to zero in on those specific areas where you are weak. Go back to those areas in the Becker lectures and work hard to truly understand the material.

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    You're killing me Smalls


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    Nshah1824 – I tried Becker as well and I never got anything higher than a 58. I switched to Wiley and Ninja, I passed BEC and unfortunately got a 73 on AUD. I honestly believe Becker isn't for everyone. I learned and understood MC questions better with Wiley and Ninja and I feel they resemble the exam a lot more than becker does. I do however like Becker SIMS. I as well study SIMS, but my focus is MC questions.

    I can't offer much advice, because I haven't passed any but BEC, but i am close and I do feel more confident in the material. I would say try Ninja, it is only $67 a month or try Wiley test bank. Becker is really not for everyone, it most certainly wasn't for me.

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