Switch from BECKER to NINJA monthly for REG Exam

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    Hey! I'm looking for advice from anyone who has solely used NINJA to pass the REG Exam.

    A quick background info on my situation, I have been using Becker but haven't passed a section yet. I attempted AUD and REG in October and failed both with scores in 50s. My Becker access is expiring in 2 days and so now I've decided to switch to Ninja and use their notes and MCQs and hopefully that helps me pass the exams. Does anyone think its a good idea? I'm really nervous and not quite sure what I'm doing.

    Im not trying to say that Becker was a reason I failed, I really like their review course but I get so bored now and just can't focus anymore with the countless videos. I'm hoping this change to Ninja works for me and motivates me to study hard and pass this time.

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    Thanks Jeff!! I've been reading a lot of reviews and I feel pretty confident wanting to try out Ninja but just feeling quite anxious now when its the actual decision time to switch. That is why I wrote on here, looking for some guidance and a peace of mind. Preparing for these exams is taking a toll on me 🙁

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    Jimmy Dugan

    I've had a good experience with Becker but it hasn't been my only resource. I think their book is the best in the industry and the videos are just as good as anyone else. No matter which course you use, the most important thing is doing a ton of questions. You virtually never see anyone on here say that they learned everything in every video and the book but only did a few practice questions and passed with flying colors. Conversely there are many people who only look at the videos and book a minimal amount but do a sh*% ton of practice questions and pass.

    I don't know how you prepared for the last couple, but my advice would be to use the quiz software in ninja and get 80%+ trending score before your next exam. This will be hard to do but with enough practice and really hitting your weak areas hard with more studying, you can do it. If you have that level of performance on the practice questions, you are ready for the exam. If you are trending 50-60%ish, you know you aren't ready and need to study more.

    AUD - 95
    BEC - 87
    FAR - 84
    REG - 90
    You're killing me Smalls


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    Thanks for the input Jimmy!! Yeah my two failing scores were definitely because I didn't practice enough and I just wasted time on the lectures and reading the book and fell short on time and just practiced or more like tried to complete all the chapter MCQs that I could but I'm pretty sure I didn't practice as much as I should've and what prob resulted in such a low score. I have the Becker book so I guess just reviewing what I know from there and doing NINJA MCQs till I trend around 80-90% like you said, should help me get through this hopefully!!!!!

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