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    I've been using Becker for quite some time now and expected a pass in Audit last Q but failed and with that my Becker access has also expired. So I'm thinking to save some $$$ and get the Ninja monthly. Has anyone studied solely for AUD using Ninja books and MCQs?
    I get really nervous when It comes to making such changes and especially now when I'm so used to the Becker format and everything. SO just wanted to know if I can get Ninja and study only using that and hopefully get a passing score.

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    Mike J

    I have. NINJA is pretty thorough but you don't get what you don't need either. Mostly, I like the MCQ explanations.

    Everyone's different but I hate the highlight and underline POV from Becker. Plus it's overpriced.

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    Yeah you're right. Thanks!

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    Becker is overrated and ditto on being overpriced. I had to get used to the Ninja format because I had always used Gleim. Now I see that Ninja sticks with the facts and Gleim adds in a bunch of things that are not needed. That being said, Gleim did help me pass FAR the first time. This time I'm using Gleim and Ninja together, one supplements the other. For Audit and BEC, I will likely stick with Ninja only.

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    I have been on this journey off and on for over 10 years. I think it's about time that I wrap this up.

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    I'm trying out Ninja only to study for aud as my first test yet since most topics are still fresh from school. Seems to hit on major topics without being overly long and the mcq are explained nicely. Havent tried others so can't really compare but I'll see after this test in Dec if it seems to work. Hoping ninja is enough!

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