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    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering what do you guys think are the most effective/and most economical options out there to study for the CPA, or more specifically the FAR section of the exam?

    Will just the Yaeger 2012 FAR Review Book or the Wiley FAR Book (without the review course), be enough to study and pass the section/exam? Or is the purchasing of the entire review course (CD/video) necessary? I was planning on doing this and hoping the material will be enough to pass.

    Any other suggestions for materials??



    If I had to start all over again (and assuming I wouldn't then jump off a bridge), I would go strictly with the Wiley test bank, the Ninja notes, and the Ninja audio. Definitely economical, but without sacrificing necessary materials/content. They've made my journey possible, that's for sure.


    For FAR the ninja notes are good- I didn't end up using the FAR audio very much for that section, but am loving the audio for the REG. FAR has so many calculations/concepts that I just don't think can be explained well on audio.

    From what I've seen on here people that pass with Wiley alone pass either by wide margin or fail miserably. There is so much info in that book that you'll either know “too much”, or you won't be able to remember all of it. Adding Yaeger should definitely help as I'm sure their book reads a little better than Wiley.

    As for tbstew's suggestion of only the ninja materials and the Wiley test bank… I know I couldn't pass that way and would think it difficult for anyone. But tbstew is probably much smarter than me. The wiley book is only 35 bucks, so I'd add at least that.


    People have passed using only NINJA/Wiley, but it means that you really really REALLY have to make sure you do a ton of MCQs…which is probably good anyway because MCQs are the key ingredient in passing.

    Jeff Elliott, CPA (KS)
    NINJA CPA Review

    @Sandra – I SERIOUSLY doubt I'm any smarter than you or very many other people here, hahahah. My brain works like a cow's on most days of the week. The only reason I've passed some sections is because I beat the living daylights out of the material, doing 4000+ MCQs and about 100 SIMS before sitting for each section; and listening to audio every spare moment. I know my weaknesses, and work hard to overcome them. Maybe one of the reasons why I like sticking to Wiley/Ninja is because I can't FOR THE LIFE OF ME learn anything from a textbook. It's automatic drowsiness for me. And lectures? Same… like taking a sleeping pill.

    I suppose there are many people out there who learn better by lectures & books. So my approach wouldn't be ideal for them. But for those who have a short alertness-fuse like me, I'd say ditch the books and lectures and just do MCQs and audio until it becomes impossible to fail.


    I used the Wiley Book, Wiley Test Bank CD and ninja notes for all of my sections. The test bank is key as you will need to do tons of MCQ's. Go through each chapter in the book first and take notes. After each chapter do the MCQ's and refer back to the book/notes when you get questions wrong and figure out why. Repeat this process numerous times and you should give yourself a good chance. I got all 4 sections on my first try using this method


    I passed with Ninja Notes and Wiley Test Bank. I highly recommend them.

    Remember The Rules of the CPA Exam:

    #41 – Do MCQ's until you puke. Then clean up the puke. Then do more MCQ's. 🙂


    Thank you everyone for the advice, I really appreciate it!!

    I will look into the options you guys have told me!!

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