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    I'm using Roger video as my main source of studying. But I like becker flash cards because I like the accessibility of it.

    Some of the BECKER flashcards materials are not even mentioned inside ROGER book & Video. [2017 BECKER Flashcards for BEC]. Is it safe to disregarded those materials not mentioned inside ROGER? Items like DuPont ROE, Balance score card criteria, etc… are not as focused inside ROGER.

    To be effectively using my time to study, Should I just concentrate on what ROGER has for BEC? Any comment?


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    I would say to incorporate both sources of materials. Having taken the BEC section already, I would recommend not skipping the balanced scorecard topic.

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    I swear by homemade flash cards now (i.e. passed REG just drilling with them without doing any MCQ). Unfortunately I got lazy and didn't finish making them for BEC until two days before yesterday's exam, so I didn't quite have it all down lol. Still, there were some questions (SOCO, ERM, and yes Dupont ROI) I nailed instantly thanks to them.

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    Make sure you check out the books updates for Roger, there are some substantial updates in the Nov 2017, especially the whole IT chapter.
    I seem to remember balanced score card from Roger, but I could be wrong. Also did some Gleim TB.

    Roger's Variance was a little weak as well.
    The explanation for OH Var was good and I remembered the overall concept from the white board, but the actual calculations behind it, you need a little more meat on that bone.
    Also the sales variances, etc. There's more than just the 4 plus OH.

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    Thanks for your input guys.
    This dupoint ROI looks serious and ROGER didn't cover it on his videos at all.

    I'll study both materials I guess. I also have NINJA subscription running so I got tons of materials to study but so little time!

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    Sorry haha, I was thinking of residual income (net income – investment x cost of capital). Just plug and play. I think I got confused because I mentioned Dupont in my written response (for no reason lol).

    There were also a couple of questions on monetary supply, which apparently I guessed right despite being suddenly unsure what discount rate was (come ON calvinus).

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    I did my first round of BEC with Roger's videos, and failed with a 71 after passing the other three on my first tries. For my restudying I went through his book to take notes instead of the videos and found TONS of little things he hadn't covered in the videos which was very unusual compared to the other three sections. Once I finish retaking all the MCQs, I'm going to get the Ninja subscription to supplement.

    On my failed BEC, the MCQ were terrible for me. There were lots of calculation terms that I had never seen before, and I've already come across some in my restudying. The sims and wc were okay, very detailed. My score report showed weaker on the MCQs and comparable on sims & wc.

    It is so crazy because Roger's videos were amazing for my other three sections. Plenty of people pass BEC with his videos, so I'm not sure what happened.

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    BEC is my mortal enemy since I had to take it 5x. First 4 attempts was with Roger only then finally supplemented with Ninja MCQs, audio, and notes on my last attempt which worked (83). Most times going in, all the questions seemed unfamiliar and it felt as if I studied nothing. I feel ninja mcqs have a better quality although some do overlap. Good luck!

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