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    I was just wondering what people think of the MCQ Audio. I got the email about the BLITZ promo and I am debating on getting it for my BEC retake. Thoughts?

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    I like the audio (have listened to AUD & FAR). There are/were two types of audio – One on MCQs and the other over the Concepts & some example problems. I tried listening to the MCQs while driving but it was to hard to listen and try to visualize In my opinion the MCQ audio may be good for sitting at a desk but out of the two – hands down is the concept audio.

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    get the concept audio. listening it on the way to/from work, in the Dr's office, working out, getting a manicure….lol..makes you feel less guilty or agitated when you can't be studying and you don't have the time. beats staring at a screen all day and has tidbits that you may think you've nailed a few weeks back so haven't reviewed in a while and keeps them fresh or maybe reminds you to take another look at something.

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    I've used all four concept audios and would recommend them. I mainly use it during my commute to work so it's mostly passive listening, but it's definitely helped nail down some concepts. It's a little hard to follow for FAR and BEC due to some of the calcs, but it's great for AUD and so far I like it for REG.

    It's not going to give you everything you need, but it goes over most of the important topics without getting into too much detail.

    The mcq audio was a little hard for me to follow while driving. I prefer the regular audio, but I gave it a try since it came with my 10 pt combo.

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