Roger Cram for REG (anyone tried it?)

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    I've searched the deep archives of and read all advice I could about Roger Cram for REG. It gets mixed reviews. I tried Yaeger Home Study for REG with Phil Yaeger and I'm sorry but he is the most hard to follow accounting teacher I've experienced. Cindy Simpson is one of the best (we all know that), but I need a good video course for REG.

    I narrowed it down to Roger CRAM for REG and possibly adding Ninja Plus with those old Bisk videos. Anyone out there please give me your 2 cents on either one of these REG video courses. I can get the Roger Cram for $240 and the Ninja Plus is $97. I can afford either or both video courses and time is not an issue. Please advise.

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    Is the cram just a highlight of the study material or is it enough to help answer mcq's? curious…

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    I found this info under FAQ from the Roger website. It helps answer my question.


    Our cram course is designed as a condensed version of our full-length course and covers only the most frequently tested topics on the exam. The cram is designed for those students who have already fully prepared for the CPA Exam using a fully length review, and need an extra study boost right before exam day. The entire cram course is 47 hours long.

    CRAM Course Full Course FAR 17 hours 41 hours REG 12 hours 28 hours AUD 10 hours 25 hours BEC 8 hours 17 hours

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    When is your exam – do you have to cram/take it in the near future?
    AUD/BEC are crammable but idk about REG/FAR

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    I liked the CRAM courses. I used them for all four exams and they all helped. I also used regular Roger CPA, Ninja MCQ and notes.

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    • BEC - 85 - AUG 23rd, 2016
    • AUD- 80 - OCT 5th, 2016
    • REG- 77 - DEC 2nd, 2016


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    I was thinking of using Roger Cram for the main video lecture study material and then supplementing with Ninja MCQ and Ninja Book and Ninja Notes, but after reading up on Roger's website the Cram doesn't cover everything and I would probably need the regular Roger course. I was trying to save money by spending $250 on the Cram instead of $500 on the regular course after a discount.

    For REG, I've used Yaeger Home Study videos with Phil Yaeger (horrible), plus Ninja Notes and Wiley Book questions. Nothing else. I did horribly on the exam after taking it once. I've been scared to go back ever since because it's such a let down after putting in so many hours of studying to not even come close. Phil Yaeger's style was part of my problem, but I also didn't think I needed to study 6 hours a day for 2 months to even have a chance of passing. I find that kind of ridiculous. Why should we need to study for 2 months straight for nit-picky and poorly worded questions that we may never need to use again or could easily Google in real life, but that's what the AICPA has decided to do. People's lives are literally ruined by failing these exams so many times.

    I see people smarter and more motivated than me failing REG 3,4,5 or more times and I think to myself why on earth does REG have to be so damn difficult. It's not like everyone who fails REG is lazy and stupid, I think the AICPA is also to blame in giving us such ambiguous and hard to understand Sims. Anyways that's how I see it.

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    Here's a related question…How is Ninja Plus for REG using the old Bisk Videos that Jeff acquired recently. REG rules change all the time so does Jeff update these Ninja Plus videos? $97 sounds like a good price but how many hours of videos are there for REG and does it cover everything on the REG exam? Please advise.

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    @mobfn illionise; I can understand your frustration after paying for review courses and supplements and not passing. Yes it is a real downer, but it is not AICPA fault. We just have to study, maybe differently than before. I am not a fan of spending so much money because my money is limited, but hey we have to do what we have to do if we will pass. I agree as well, that I have not been the same when I failed reg 3x and far 2x after using cpaexcel, but since I have used the ninja products and still shaky (just don't feel ready) about approaching the exams again….now comes the new format (why not add something else). I thought of getting the cram course in the name of getting to the point. So to cram or not to cram is the question.
    P.S I since have the current ninja and wiley books, just read them and not worry about cram… after thought to me.

    It begins with a 75
    Been here too long as a cheerleader.....time to pass
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    I purchased Rogers Elite package and it comes with all the cram courses. Honestly it's just a faster course and really just focuses on all the MAJOR concepts. I do think it helps to hear the material a second time though. Some concepts I didn't totally grasp the first time around started to sink in hearing the majority of the information a second time. Is it worth the money? Debatable.

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    AUD - 89 (5/17)

    FAR - 94 (9/17)

    Rogers Elite + Becker mcqs/sims for all 4 exams

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    AICPA Ethics Exam - 95 (9/17)

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    I bought it for my first attempt and thought it was a waste of $230, plus it expired quickly, and i didnt even get my book in the mail until after the exam..obviously mileage will vary…

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