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    Moderator's Note: The information in this post is not accurate.

    The Homework Help Center was retained by UWorld.
    Roger is still with the company (As of May 2020).
    The Roger CPA review team (and their expertise) was also retained.


    UWorld acquired Roger CPA Review back in July of this year. The press release said “Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA will continue creating videos with his unparalleled energy and unique style of teaching”, but I don't think anyone will know the details of the acquisition and mostly importantly, whether Roger Philipp will remain with the new company and the extent of his involvement with Roger CPA going forward.

    One thing for sure though, the new course provider, UWorld, is the provider for exam prep materials in the medical industry (USMLE, Nursing), which means they don't have the expertise or the experience in CPA exams apart from the intellectual properties and goodwill they acquired from Roger. This point is evident in the new, updated UWorld version of the Roger CPA Review dashboard, in which UWorld removed an important feature that was valuable to Roger students before, the Homework Help Center.

    To those of you who are unfamiliar, the old Homework Help Center is essentially a forum, just like this one, where the candidates can post their questions, and the forum moderators (which were CPA exam mentors) post answers and explanations to the questions.

    Well, no one will know the real reason why UWorld removed it but just based purely on my speculation, I think UWorld is trying to cut costs and doesn't want to continue to pay the moderators/mentors. However, things didn't stop there. As many others relied on the Homework Help Center with their studies, others started to voice their concerns and disappointment with UWorld on UWorld's CPA forum, which is just a generic forum (there are other forums for UWorld's other offerings, such as USMLE forum, SAT forum, RN forum, etc.) UWorld started off by replying to these concerns with copy-pasted replies of linking to the forum's Term of Use (which I guess implies voicing concerns and exercise consumer rights somehow breaks the TOS?), or generic replies asking them to contact UWorld support at their official support e-mail address.

    I follow this issue closely and check the forum regularly to see whether UWorld will respond to the complaints and if they have plans to bring back the Homework Help Center. To my surprise, as I logged onto my account today, I found out UWorld shutdown and removed the entire CPA forum from existence, just to get rid of dissenting opinions and voices!

    I searched online to see if similar complains have came up, and unfortunately the U.S. CPA exam prep space is relatively niche and the UWorld & Roger acquisition is fairly recent, there weren't any relevant search results.

    Just letting you guys, and any other current and future CPA candidates who are on the market for CPA review course who might come across this post, know about these facts. I like Roger, yes his methods are not for everyone, but for those whom enjoy his style, he helped lots of people passed the exam. Roger's materials and contents are still relevant as of right now, with the removal of Homework Help Center, it just means people who purchased Roger's review course will have to seek help else where (such as here). But do keep in mind it is possible Roger's future involvement will simply be “continue creating videos with his unparalleled energy and unique style of teaching” for Roger CPA review, but give up control to the other aspect of his review course (pricing, feature, support, etc.)

    Again, this is all conjecture. I just think it's a low-blow move from UWorld to remove the CPA forum instead of addressing the issues and concerns of its paying customers.


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    I used Roger, and I took my last exam a couple months before they got bought by UWorld. My subscription is still active. I just logged in, and Homework Help Center is still there, with moderators answering questions. The last question was answered only a couple hours ago.

    Bizarre first post to be making. Is this some sort of hit job?

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    I think some people have gotten an option to the upgrade to the new format of the site, so they're slowly rolling it out. I took my first exam before the buyout but have not been prompted to change. 2 more to go at this point so I'm hoping I can last before it forces me to switch over…I always use the homework help center when something isn't making sense.

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    I think it's horrible. You can't reset your stats at all so once you finish all the questions, you can't go back and reset them. I think the new format is way too complicated and convoluted. The previous set up was much simpler. Don't think I'll be renewing with them.

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    @animalwithin Agreed. I am not sure why they got rid of the homework help center. It was very useful for breaking things out in order to understand them. Will not be renewing either. Hopefully, there are are some more format changes to come.

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