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    Hello all,

    I'm really torn about whether I should just use Roger for REG and FAR, just use NINJA, or combination of the two.

    I should preface this by saying that I am a video learner, I don't think I can read pages on pages and retain everything, which is why I am leaning towards Roger. I know their videos are strong. I've heard that Roger's MCQ is not strong, which is why I'd supplement with NINJA mcq.

    On the other hand, I've been considering just buying NINJA's top package and just tackling both REG and FAR using solely NINJA.

    One question that I have for those that use both Roger and NINJA is: how did you study using the two? Did you just watch all the videos for Roger and then do NINJA MCQ, or did you do NINJA MCQ for each section you completed in Roger? I just don't want to buy Roger and not have a plan. I know they have a study planner, but it worries me that they don't budget for much review time.

    PLEASE HELP *crying emoji*


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    If I had to do it all over again (which thank GOD I don't 🙂 )- I would have skipped Roger completely and just gone with NINJA- HOWEVER I am also NOT a video learner at all!!!! I learn much better by reading, doing and taking notes. So I would say that if you are a video learner then Roger is good way to go- but I would also supplement with Ninja. Personally I did not think that Roger's MCQ's were reflective of the actual exam whereas I felt like NINJA more than prepared me- using both I would watch each section and take notes do a set or two of NINJA MCQ's to reinforce what you have just watched- rinse and repeat- (going back every few days and throwing in MCQ's from previously watched chapters because you will forget)- after you finish all the videos then hit NINJA until you want to vomit from doing MCQ's. Repetition of MCQ's at least for me was the key for retention.


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    I completely agree with @mckan514w. I have no experience with Roger's MCQs, but I know for a fact that Ninja's prepare you well for the exam. I learn the same was at mckan, so for me Ninja is amazing and I just hammer MCQs to learn the details. But if you learn great for videos, then Roger should definitely help with that. I've seen some of his videos and they are great and very entertaining.

    Good luck!

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    so far i just only used roger. I enjoy the lecture videos, he does a great job explaining the concepts. I read along with the book as he lectures, and then do all the MCQs (IPQs in his software). I have not needed to supplement with any other test bank or material and have passed all three of the sections i have taken thus far. I also thought I might need to supplement the MCQs at first and have not needed to whatsoever. I read people complaining about how Roger's MCQs arent “good enough,” but I do not have the same opinion. I have passed all three sections ive taken with pretty decent scores, haven't had a close one yet and am very happy with roger's courses so far.

    Good luck to you

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    Read my post history. I used both and gave some insight.

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    Hi Br!

    I used Roger in its entirety for BEC (to take before the change April 17). Then for REG and AUD I used Roger for lectures and Ninja for MCQ. All review courses have their pros and cons. Roger is amazing for the lectures and grasping the material (which I feel is most important to pass). I found the Roger MCQ sometimes a bit confusing but once I started using Ninja I felt they more closely mimicked the actual exam. Proof was I went into both REG and AUD feeling comfy with my results for MCQ-and bet anything they were the deciding factor or a pass or fail.

    Me personally watched ALL lectures than worked on MCQ until exam day. Everyone study methods are different but I did watch a couple of You Tube videos of other review courses and I am completely happy with my decision.

    I passed all three and the goal is the same for exam #4.

    Best of Luck!

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    Hi there! I have been using only Roger for my studying. So far I have passed 2/4 on the first try, waiting on score #3, and studying for #4. Rogr is really a GREAT course – I have not felt at all like the practice questions were lacking, and love how the course is structured to work together. There are great links between practice questions and their related videos (in addition to the answer explanations), which is SO helpful if there's an area you're struggling with – you can link straight back there to review it. There's also great note-taking and bookmarking capability in the videos. If you are a video learner, I think you would really benefit from Roger – but if you're buying it anyway, I would definitely check out their practice questions before deciding you need to supplement – after taking the exams I felt that Roger's practice questions really served me well in my preparation!

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    @Br if you are a video learner, I would say Roger is a very good choice for you. I have used Becker and Roger both. But Roger's videos are very engaging. I would recommend to watch the video and then go to ninja mcq.

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    Im using Roger and I take my far on Tuesday. If I don`t pass I will definitely add at least ninja scout for my second go round. The lectures are great. My only real complaint is that it does not seem to grade the sims correctly and some of the more calculation heavy MCQ explanations are somewhat lacking.

    My opinion is that it is best to practice questions and sims as you study/watch lectures about a subject. Roger videos with Ninja MCQ/sims may be the way to go.

    I was that way too about the review time, the downside is that the longer you take the harder it is to retain what you have studied.

    edit – had some weird hypertext in there for some reason, apologies….

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