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    So I scored a 73 on FAR :(. It was the last section I needed to pass. I know I failed because I did not study the simulations as much as I should have. I breezed through the MCQs and felt very confident, but the sims hit me like a truck.

    Pretty bummed, but I've accepted it and have already started over studying again and plan to take it early in Q4. I will lose AUD credit at the end of January 2020, so I have two more shots at taking FAR. I plan to pass it on the next attempt.

    My question: My Roger review course expires tomorrow. Its $100 to renew, but I'm not worried about the cost comparison because: Investment, obviously. I do feel as if I recognize all the Roger MCQs and would benefit to see different ones under the Ninja review course. I need to hit the sims hard this time around, so, are Ninja sims good? I've heard a lot of people supplementing Ninja MCQs, but I do not hear much about the sims.

    What do you all recommend? Thanks!

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    If you want to best sims on the market, get Gleim. I failed the first time like you because I was weak in sims. Got Gleim and pounded the sims to death to passed on my second go around. There also a demo/sample for Gleim sims. Try it out if you want.

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    Jimmy Dugan

    You're not going to get a much different test bank with Ninja than you have with Roger. I would keep Rog and maybe get the Ninja monthly subscription that gives you access to everything if you want to try it out.

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    You're killing me Smalls


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    Given that a month of Ninja is cheaper than renewing Roger AND you get the benefit of differently-worded questions/SIMS, I'd say go with Ninja for the retake. Plus you'd get access to the notes and audio, which are also good tools for reviewing in your downtime.

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