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    I am studying BEC with Roger CPA Review. I love his lectures. But he seems to have not enough SIMS questions to practice. I am considering to take Ninja with Roger. Is that a good idea?


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    When I took BEC initially, I didn't use Ninja MCQs. During my second time, I used exclusively Ninja MCQ test bank instead of Roger's. I think that was the main difference contributing to my passing score. I would highly recommend using Ninja MCQs over Roger's. The key for BEC is practicing tons of calculation problems so that during the exam, you won't get too bogged down on those questions leaving you insufficient time for SIMs and essays. I really struggled with time management with BEC given the large amount of calculation questions. It's way more than REG and AUD. Those were probably the 2 main things I did to increase my score.

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    I used Roger for BEC and I felt the sims done in the class questions lectures were sufficient for me. I'd always do them before actually watching the lecture though to make sure I could.
    And you'll hear this a lot, but you'll most likely be fine as long as you practice enough MCQs. A few sims to know what they are like and to know you can do them, which I think Roger or probably any review program, provides enough of, then just drill MCQs forever. I didn't really do that many MCQs for BEC though since I had very little time to study for. Ninja is good for those MCQs, drill them and you'll be set. I used Ninja a lot for FAR. And yes, as the above poster mentioned, time management is very important. I finished BEC with just 1 minute left on the clock when I hit submit on the last testlet, compare that to AUD and REG where I had over an hour left.

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    Practicing the one's on the AICPA sample test is good too. I believe they have 3 TBS questions you can practice with there and there's a chance you can see a question on the actual exam that's similar to the one's on there.

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