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    Hi – I just came on board with the Ninja CPA review. First things first, I had planned to read the books on my tablet in PDF format, highlighting sections to “rewrite” later. However, when I opened to books in Adobe, I saw that I am unable to edit the PDFs, meaning no highlighting. 🙁

    Is there a workaround for this? Or, if I want to highlight before re-writing, do I have to print all of the books?

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    Good question – that's an anti-piracy measure we have. It hasn't been an issue before (or at least that we're aware of). I wouldn't highlight anything anyway – I'm a fan of taking notes…it will stick in your brain more.

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    Absolutely agree on taking notes versus highlighting overall. A strategy that has worked before in the past has been to highlight, and then take notes based on highlighting.

    It may be an issue on my end with the software I'm using. Your guy Bobby in support emailed me about this as well, I'll work with them to determine what's going on. Thanks for your time, all the same.

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    Ninja Albert

    For some people reading is not best thing as for my self I have read through the material but my main source of content was the ninja sparring vid and live sessions, just because when someone gives it over in an organized fashion it can stick better and of course writing over the material that is the most effective way, because in my opinion if the content is not there you can not apply and knowledge on exam day. so rewarding the material important writing it over more important then non stop MCQ SIMS ect.

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    I would like to take notes on the pdf or highlight and I cannot. I use my ipad, I cant even write on it? Whats the work around?

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