My Becker’s FAR Experience

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    I recommend doing all the chapters/modules in order. Then take Mock 1 once you are done with all the chpaters but before you review anything just to see how much you retained. Do not be discourgaed if you score low in Mock 1. Do Random Tests of 30 MCQS and 2 TBSs for each chapter until you score at least 80% twice and then move to the next chapter. When you are done with the individual chpaters you can start doing cumulative tests too. You can also do shorter personalized quizzes to focus on the weak areas. But I recommend focusing on the random tests. You can then take Mock 2 and Mock 3, and focus on the weaker areas but also keep doing cumulative tests so you don't forget the other materials. The last couple days before the exam just read through your notes (especially topics that you are weak on) and relax. Don't do any questiosn the day before the exam, let the information sink in. Good luck! You got this!🙃

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    Edit: Here are my results.
    Mock 1:68
    Mock 2:71
    Mock 3:85
    Actual: 85

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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