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    I didn't take your response as anything negative. I was simply explaining why I went to a no-name school to get a degree that (in my eyes) ultimately wouldn't matter. 🙂 I feel like MBAs are everywhere these days, so it's not something that would help me stand out, even if I went to a great school for it. Plus, at the end of the day, it isn't really relevant to tax accounting which is where much of my focus is. So meh. Whatever. A lot of wasted time and money all so I could get my CPA. 🙂

    IT stuff is really not in my wheelhouse. My husband is a sys admin and talks to me all the time about a lot of that stuff. It's all Greek to my ears.

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    Hi Jennifer,
    Here a link with some credentials that are offered in conjunction to those already having a CPA license:
    I think ABV & PFS tend to be the most useful if you're working in public accounting (and not specialty). Whatever you do, just make sure to check out if you can meet the experience requirements for what you pursue. I've been back and forth on trying to take the CFA exams, but ultimately have held off since I couldn't meet the experience requirements with my position. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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