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    Welcome to the BEC CPA Exam Study Group for Q1 2022.

    Please introduce yourself, what course(s) you're using, and let us know how your BEC studying is going (or not going).

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    I'm Josh. I've been taking the CPA too long; however, this month I'm pretty sure I've underprepared for BEC even though I've passed it twice before. Busy tax season. I'm giving REG a chance afterwards. If I don't have luck there, I'm still in the window for the EA. I'm a Ninja, but I've mostly been using Becker like I often have in the past. I take BEC Saturday. I say all of this while on break for a AICPA sample test.

    AUD - 62
    BEC - 68
    FAR - 76
    REG - 59
    "The hardest thing to understand in the world in the income tax." - Albert Einstein
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    D here. I also have been studying wayyyy too long. I am now at the point where I will do whatever it takes to put this behind me. I passed BEC with a 75 the first time but lost my score after I failed REG three times. Hopefully, fourth time is the charm. Anyway, I need this win with BEC and I am confident in my ability to pass as I like all the formulas and the math heaviness. Let's just hope this confidence translates on test day.

    AUD – 54
    FAR – 56
    BEC – 75 (expired)
    REG – 67

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    Hey D, Best of luck on your next attempt at REG. I'm glad you at least know your way around BEC. Any tips for me regarding BEC is appreciated. I'm trying hard to pass BEC.

    FAR – 76
    AUD – 80
    BEC – 70, 74
    REG – ?

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    This is Stephen. Please, anyone, what must I do to avoid my post getting flagged with “Please complete your signature!!”

    FAR – 76
    BECNINJA in training
    AUD – 80
    REGNINJA in training

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    Ninja Albert

    Hi every one waiting on my REG exam started to study BEC any specific order ? I started with the first BEC sparring already, How long you think I need I study full time, hoping I cleared REG, got a head start for BCE.

    thanks for any advise in advance!

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