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    I'm applying for MS Accounting programs and I find myself in a different situation than most other people and am in need of some guidance.

    To give you some background info, I am a US citizen and have finished undergraduate in a non-US university with 2nd major in business (1st one social science). After graduation I took all 4 sections of the CPA exam and luckily passed them all.

    I want to know your opinion on whether I should notify schools during application process that I already passed the CPA exam. Would it be beneficial for admissions? I am worried that they might not consider a person who passed the exam as their potential student since most students go to Master's as part of their preparation for CPA exam.

    I need the master's degree because I need additional credits (20+) for license requirements, build some foundation for networking (I have no connection here in US), and seek job opportunities, possibly Big 4.

    Thanks in advance

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    I honestly think you could save the money a masters would cost and do more undergrad work. What hours do you need? If you can do anything take some analytics courses. If it has to be accounting then maybe a masters makes sense but still consider the expense. You can still network through the schools career center and the market is hot so having the exams finished will be a plus.

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    I don't know if it will help with the admission decision, but when I applied to grad school you needed to submit a resume and cover letter. So, you could mention it there. The program I was in was very CPA exam centric, so knowing you already passed could help with course selection if you had certain electives you were interested in (instead of taking Gov. accounting for example)

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    As already stated. Instead of a Master's you can try to take additional course work to get you across the 150 credit hour line and potentially save a lot of money. That topic has been covered quite a bit on this forum, and what schools and credits are accepted depends on your state.

    As far as whether the CPA will help or hurt. I would imagine it will not hurt.
    When I was in talks with a local state school to enroll for a Masters (I did not go for it due to the cost) they were willing to waive the GMAT requirement because I had passed the CPA exam.

    Best of luck as you continue your research.

    If networking is the only goal, you can try other organizations and groups, such as your state CPA society or local chamber of commerce etc. Depending on what your career goals are, and your hopes for networking, I think you can find a more cost effective means to that end.

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