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    I officially received a verbal offer from a Big 4 firm today! I’m actually in the process of looking up salary information right now because I will be emailed the written offer some time tomorrow…

    I thought I’d take some time to share a summary of my experience (because it would be cocky to assume you’ve been following my status through the process thus far)

    I technically graduated January 2012 with my Accounting Bachelors degree from a university that focuses on career development, #1 in the nation (I only say this because I believe it contributed to my ability to get an offer). All 2 years of my work experience have been spent in Tax. I felt ready, however, to transition into Audit because Tax was not what I had expected. I first applied for experienced hire positions because…even though I’m not experienced in Audit, I am experienced…turns out that wasn’t the best route to take. I decided to try my hand at applying directly through the campus recruiting process on the big 4 website. I filled out my information and followed up with a direct email to the contact person for campus recruiting. After some time, I received a separate email from the campus recruiter who is responsible for the recruitment for my alma mater. After filling out a candidate profile of sorts, she said that someone would contact me if my talents were of interested….Later someone actually did contact me (I would be lying if I were to say I wasn’t surprised)!

    We arranged a phone interview and afterwards the recruiter had me fill out another candidate profile. Eventually I was emailed information for an office interview/visit, which went really well. I actually really like interviewing…so it came pretty naturally for me. Pending my positive interviews (there were multiple), I then had a phone interview with a partner, which also went well.

    One business day later I got the offer.

    I just want to encourage those people who didn’t go to a Big 4 straight out of college, and those that also are interested in switching practice areas…it can happen 🙂

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