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    Hey everyone,

    I have a phone interview coming up with PwC. Can you guys give me an idea of some questions to ask the recruiter at the end of the interview?

    Thanks in advance

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    Just ask some basic questions to show interest. I usually came up with new questions based on the conversation, but I always had a couple of questions to fall back on like, “What's the work/life balance like at [company]?” or “What's the typical career path for a person who works at [company]?” Also, make sure you ask about the next steps in the interview process. Don't ask about salary.

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    When I interviewed a question that they liked was “how does Pwc compare to other firms”. Also when they ask you why you want to work for pwc say something that includes these points:

    1. Pwc conducts business with 85% of the largest public and non public clients which will give you the opportunity to become a specialist in the industry you will be working in

    2. Pwc has the best training in the world.

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    Big 4 are so much a like, you want to ask questions specific to that company in your city. Like mentioned before, ask about work/life balance. How the offices gels. Events they do for the community.

    One thing about Big 4 guys, depending on the city, is they want to know if they can stand working 60+ hours with you a week. Your resume already had the qualifications, this is mostly about personality.

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    Thanks everyone. Will take everything into consideration.

    I tried to formulate a current events question but was unable to come up with a good one. Anyone know of a good PwC current events question I can ask?

    I think this phone interview will be with a HR member.

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    Which group are you interviewing for? FS, TICE, CIPS?

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    @Myredstapler It's for an assurance position. It will be a phone screen interview.

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    So Pwc has their assurance lines broken into different sections. FS = Financial Services TICE = Technology Information Communications Entertainment CIPS = Consumer Industrial Product Services PCS = Private client services. You could also inquire which line of service you are interviewing for.

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    @Myredstapler Great idea. I'm not really sure which line I will be interviewing for so that will make for a great question unless I am told during the interview.

    Thanks Myredstapler for all your help.

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    Shoshona Boateng

    Hello, i am looking forward to hearing from you after my application for the Third-Party Risk Analyst Position. You can please reach me through my email.

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