The Four Types of People You Meet in the Prometric Waiting Area

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    I took AUD yesterday. I didn't feel very prepared so I was pretty loose while waiting to be checked in for my test. Usually I'm a bundle of nervous energy and dont really notice the others around me, but yesterday was different.

    #1- The Last Minute Cramming Candidate

    This is usually me. Others in the room try to strike up conversation with him while waiting, but hes not having it. He's got his Becker book out and is frantically flipping through it. He doesn't want to talk about what he has passed/ what he has left to take. He's in the zone.

    #2- The Life Story Candidate

    This candidate is usally a women and is usually a tad bit older than the “typical” CPA candidate. She wants to tell everyone in the room about her journey and how she decided she needed to become a CPA. She's extremely nice and wishes every person who checks in good luck as they are called back. She is also usually the one asking the last minute crammer the questions.

    #3- The Ulimate Professional Candidate

    I had my first encounter with this guy yesterday. He showed up to test at 8:30 in a three piece suit. Part of assumed maybe he had a funeral to attend after his exam. Thankfully “Life Story Lady” was there to investigate the situation. This guy was a first timer and thought the exam day process was a bit more formal. I directed him to A71 and told him I thought it may be helpful on his CPA journey.

    And last, but not least:

    #4- Praxis Exam Candidate

    The particular lady in the waiting room yesterday glared at us when we talked about how many times we had failed a section and asked us where we attended college and if we even majored in accounting. She was not sympathetic to the CPA struggle.

    This post was meant in good humor and all in good fun. I apologize in advance to anyone who may be offended.

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