17 Stupid Things Said by Friends & Family about the CPA Exam

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    The classic forum thread now has its own blog tribute 🙂

    "If you don’t know this **** by now, you are never going to know it”.

    Posted by Another71 on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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    Yeah, I live with my mom and she's not very supportive.

    Mom: “So what happens if you get your score back and you don't pass?”
    Me: “I try again.”
    Mom: “If you don't pass on this next attempt, then I think you should consider a different career. You've invested so much money into this exam. I think it's best you stop wasting your money.”

    Mind you, I'm the only person in my family with a Masters degree.

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    ^^^ WOW.

    That's really…something.

    I was extremely lucky…my family…including my soon to be ex…were all amazingly supportive. The worst I got was “you'll pass! You're smart!” It sounds supportive, but it just felt like added pressure. What if I DIDN'T pass? There's almost no right thing you can say, other than can I help you with anything? Want some food?

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    I profit from your CPE frustration. You're welcome.


    Oh you said FAR was the hardest and you passed…you'll have no problem with the other 3 sections.

    Done! Thank you A71!

    My wife and I temporarily lived with my parents while I was studying and taking AUD, that was a nightmare. Every night my mom would say “come watch TV with us, you've studied enough. They can't be that hard since there are 4 of them. Besides, my friend says her son's high school teacher encourages them to take breaks from studying, so you should take a break.”

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    After reporting my third failure to my parents, they quit asking about it. It was like “Oh…well, too bad but ok. At least you have a good job, despite not having the CPA.” I think by then they knew it was a sore subject and if it was ever gonna happen, I'd tell them about it after all 4 parts were passed. I'm sure they're now questioning how intelligent their son really is. “It's not like Leon to fail exams. He was always so good in school!”, they're probably saying to themselves.

    I do remember telling my dad about my FAR experience (the first exam I ever took), and throughout, he said, “Well it sounds like you probably did better than you think. I'm sure you did, just wait til you get your score back before you jump to conclusions.” Mhmmm….


    Those older CPA's that always have to mention that they had to take all 4 parts in one week as though it was so much harder for them are so annoying.

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    @Tim ^^^ x 1,000

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    My favorite was “You are really smart, you will be fine”

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    @loveandbeloved – I feel your pain. My family is not supportive at all. And I too have gotten a “maybe the CPA isn't for you” comment from my mom. And I'm also the only one in my family to get my Masters. They can't understand how I've managed to fail an exam that I actually studied for. And every time I tell my mom “I don't think I did well” after I re-take a section, I get- “Again?!” and my heart drops.


    @loveandbeloved and @Kat same here with the only one with masters. My mom has no idea what CPA is. When I tell her I'm studying for the CPA exam she thinks I'm back in school to get another degree. Gotta love her.

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