My 1st FAR Exam experience

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    Today around 3 hours from this post I was doing my CPA FAR Exam. I wanted to share my experience + find someone to talk to as none of the people around me understands what is a CPA as they are from other majors and industries and I am really frustrated and overwhelmed.

    So, the exam was tough, upsetting, and irritating. The main problem about it was that it sucked all of the confidence that was within me you and left me confused in front of the monitor. I don't know if I did well or I did bad, I have zero idea of how did I do, which is leading me to believe that I will definitely fail in my first attempt (even though I spend considerable amount of time preparing using GLEIM).

    Now let me move to the testlets. For teslet 1 and 2 I believe that I have around 4 to 5 mistakes in each testlet. So, out of the 66 question most probably I have answered either 58 or 56 (in worst case scenario I got 54 correct questions). If the MCQs stands for 50% of the total exam result then (my average rate should stand around 44% to 40%). Then I remembered that there are around 12 questions that are not scored in the MCQs. Hence, if none of my wrong answered questions are included in these 12, then I suppose I have answered around 44 questions out of 54 (which is roughly 40% of the MCQs questions), which theoretically means I need around 35% from the simulations to pass (which is 70% of the total simulations)

    The exam really screwed me up when I started with the simulations, excuse my language but the simulations raped the hell out of me, especially the simulation that had to do with investments journal entries (I don't know why they couldn't test me with a normal bonds question, they had to bring up bonds with no stated rates on them that are discounted). That doesn't mean that I didn't solve the questions, but I am not confident at all of any of the answers (is it a normal thing ??). I had so many simulations about consolidations that exhausted me. Finally clearly I have a BIG mistake (that this one is one me) in my lease simulation 3 questions out of 5 in that simulation is wrong as I mistakenly used the ordinary annuity rather than the annuity due.

    I am sorry for this long post but I just needed a place to express my frustration. I know most of the above might be irrelevant but I am just typing whatever is coming up in my mind.


    Preparation needs to include mental prep because the exam is rigorous and very good at exploiting your actual and/or perceived weaknesses. As you test, don't let the experience become cumulative in your mind. Take each question one at a time. If you really did prepare and study all prep topics and encounter a question that is on a topic you don't recognize it is probably a spec question that will not count. Attempt to answer it and move on. The test experience is why you have to walk in very well prepared and feeling honestly confident that you studied everything you were asked to study. SIMs are hard and I get that the ones you encounter are very different from the ones I saw in 2016 but you have to practice them just as I did. SIMs ask for answers in a very different way than MCQs do – they require a full understanding of the topic in order to succeed.

    Overall, it sounds like you did pretty well and have a good chance of passing. I always continued to review the same topic until scores came out. I could never imagine going back to a topic after leaving it.

    Your mindset is important and positive self-talk is key. Set a goal of no retakes and study to meet that goal. I always studied to make 100 on the exam and no retakes. You see my actual scores below and all I really cared about on scored day was 75 or better but preparing I was a warrior going for that 100. I had no retakes.

    As for using the word rape in your post – well that is just a rude and unnecessary use of word whose mere mention can be so harmful to others. Please refrain from using it in future posts and be considerate of those who may read them. Courtesy and respect always.

    Let us know how you did – I do care how folks progress and would love to hear back from you.

    Good luck!

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    Most of the candidates who've taken their first cpa exam felt the same way as you did so you shouldn't feel abnormal about it. If the examiners gave a very straight forward bond simulation questions, most of the candidates would get it right. Thats why the cpa exam is difficult! If candidates are used to solving 3+4 =7, well guess what, the examiners are going to throw you at something like so what is 2+5 or 4+1+2? The answer is the same but since the question is rephrased differently, it can throw many candidates off guard. This is the reason why i think its crucial to know the concepts very well in order to tackle any type of questions. Good luck! Hope you've passed!

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